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What could be wrong ?

I had sex last week and ever since I started feeling sick . I've gotten more tired I will be awake but my body feels asleep . I have a hard trouble breathing it feels like a lot of pressure on my chest, my stomach has been cramping every time I do something with movement but it can't be my period because I had got off my period the day I had sex . I usually get headaches but now I can't even cop w these headaches there horrible. I've been having bad mood swings one min I'm okay the other I don't want noone to talk to me if you tell me one little thing I start crying . every time I wake up I feel nausea every time I eat I feel nausea but I never throw up . I feel hungry more than usual

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If you're posting this because you think you might be pregnant, take a test. However, all those symptoms after being pregnant for only a week is very unlikely. Take a test to put your kind at rest.


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