Breastfeeding, on going tummy trouble and mood swings

Hi all, I have been bf for 12 weeks now, all the family had a tummy bug 5-7 weeks ago and mine and baby's kept reoccurring. It's settled for now after another session last week (although general opinion from gps and pharmacist is that it may now be post infection IBS symptoms), I've had stool samples and gp says I've just got to wait until it passes (I'll be going back anyway if it doesn't work out soon). I now feel like I'm in a parallel universe and totally disconnected from life most of the time, I've had no appetite since it started, my body doesn't seem to be giving me any signals any more to say if I'm hungry or need the loo (if I go to the loo for any reason then all is fine, my body just isn't telling me I need to, no accidents or anything like that), I'm drinking loads, no signs of dehydration, baby seems to be getting what he needs, although he's up and down too, but he's started teething bless him. One moment I have loads of patience for my 3 year old, next I just don't want her around (which is a horrible way to feel and she isn't daft, I don't want her to feel rejected, I just can't cope at present). My Dad would come to stay if I ask but I'm paranoid I still have this nasty bug lingering and I don't want to pass it on, he's 71 and cares for my Mum a lot too. I'm not going anywhere or doing anything just in case and that's not fair on my daughter. We get outside as much as possible but I can't find the energy or motivation to do anything much else with her. I've had a couple of reasonable nights sleep but even when I go to bed I can't seem to sleep, silly thing is I don't even feel particularly tired, just weary of feeling rubbish, I want my appetite back so that I can enjoy food and eat enough for me and feeding baby! I don't know if lack of food is making me feel like this or whether feeling like this is causing my lack of appetite. Ho hum, that was meant to be a short question and turned into a long whinge, sorry! On the plus side I found a way of administering calpol this morning that meant it didn't get spat back out, a calpol syringe fits perfectly into a tommee tippee bottle teat, works a treat. Hope you are doing better than me!x

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I have been poorly on and off since my lo has been born and it has got me very down at some points... trying to cope with a family and a newborn is hard enough then being ill on top of it is very draining. .. I've been taking a vitamin supplement when I remember and think it helps... Have u got friends with lo's that u could pop round to see so Ur lo gets to play and u have a chat and a cuppa ? I struggle to get out the house but feel so much better when I have pushed myself hope u get better soon x


Hi mummy mummy, thank you for your reply, poor you. I am now starting to try and get out a bit, I didn't want to risk passing anything to others but am happy we are on the mend now. Finally woke up this morning feeling a good bit better, fingers crossed! Just got to not over do things. I hope things improve for you soon too, thank you for replying.x


Yeah its hard when ur stuck indoors as well... don't be too hard on urself either glad ur feeling better the nice weather helps too! X


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