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should i worry ? please help that there in no sac and bhcg wont double ?

Hi all, thanks for the reply. i had another Bhcg done on Monday and it was 498.7 mIU/ml. my doctor did the ultrasound and didn't find any SAC. and he said that its not good because the BHCG is not doubling and he cant find the sac. so he said by Thursday if he don't find anything, i have to end my pregnancy. but im only 26 days since the transfer was done. he thinks its ectopic or the embryo implanted in the wrong place. i spotted for sometime but it has stopped now. no lower pain . im just confused to this point. did anyone experience this before? and what was the outcome? should i prepare for worse. we have been trying to have a baby since 2007.

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Hi, I had this, +ve preg test, then nothing when I went for an early monitoring scan. So we monitored by blood hcg was falling so they kept repeating until itwas very low and eventually I started bleeding - therefore achemical pregnancy. whilst rare, after embryo transfer it could be an etopic so they will need to keep an eye on things. I presume it was an internal ultrasound, if not request one of these. Thinking of you x


thanks for the respond Flowergirl. so my transfer was done on 15/03 then hcg done on 28/03. first scan was done on 4/4 the second on 7/4 and both were done internal ultrasound and there is still no sac but everything else looks ok. honestly, i think is still little too early but doctor thinks different. im worried but time will tell. the only thing here that worries me is my hcg not doubling. but its still growing.


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