Hi everyone. I am new to west Suffolk and am 40 with my first pregnancy. It was IVF and until yesterday it was twins. I had my 12 week scan and one stopped growing at 8 weeks. I am happy I have one healthy baby but cant help but feel sad too. I want to meet other Mums in my area and go to groups that offer gentle exercise for pregnant ladies. I was suffering from anxiety and depression and feel im only just about coping.

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  • Hi there sorry to hear about your loss, while it's great that you have a healthy baby growing inside you it's normal to feel sad about the little one who didn't make it. Do you have anyone around you for support? It's important that you take time to grieve about this little one too as well as enjoy the pregnancy, maybe try for some support, they have a helpline as well as support groups. It also might be an idea to give your midwife a call and see if she can give you any info on local groups so you can meet other mums to be. Also when you were suffering from anxiety and depression did you get any help with it? I'm thinking it could be an option to speak to your gp about some counselling, they usually offer this on nhs but may be a waiting list. Finally congratulations on your pregnancy, it really is the best thing you will ever do x

  • Check out the nct website, there are stretch and relax ante natal classes that you may wish to inestigate, plus bumps and babes groups. sorry about the nct advert, but you're on their site and i've found their help invaluable.

  • Hi, sorry to hear about your loss I definitely think your midwife should be able to point you in the direction of support. I recently moved to Suffolk but bury area I've searched on netmums website which was helpful and my midwife had info. Good luck and congratulations on your pregnancy x

  • I second the contact NCT in your area comment. You don't have to be a member to join their groups or classes, they are there to help everyone. I found their help and friendship invaluable, we moved areas during my second pregnancy and I got in touch with the local branch, it really helped to make some friends.

    I also set up a Pudding Club which we had in my old area, a Saturday morning group once a fortnight for pregnant ladies to get together for a chat whatever stage of pregnancy they're at, compare where their up to, make friends. It's promoted on the NCT branch facebook page and the antenatal teacher tells her classes about it, we meet in my local pub, which is a cafe in the morning. I host it, but that just means I remind the Facebook administrator to put a reminder on the page and I turn up and am friendly! It might be a way you could meet some other pregnant ladies, I'm sure the branch would support you.

  • Ask at your midwife to get you in contact with your health visitor. Hopefully they will have a list of things going on in your area. Look on local notice boards in shops, local groups always advertise.

  • If you are near Bury St Edmunds try the Self Centre ante natal yoga with Carol - she will tailor her routine to be as gentle as you need.

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