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My LO is always so sick after every feed even hours later. Has anyone got any advice?

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I have tyres infacol before every feed he is winding fine. I have tryed 4 different milks

Now too. Anyone else experienced this of so wot did they do

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You must be finding this very difficult I'm sure. Just out of interest you say you've tried 4 different milks - during what space of time? It takes babies at least a week to adjust or see any change from one milk to the next. Perhaps you baby has a little upset tummy from the frequent changing? Some babies are just sicky. If he's winding ok and not getting upset and he's putting on weight I prob wouldn't be too worried.

Is he sick straight after? Perhaps he's being a bit greedy?xx

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Yeh I thought this so I have stuck to this one for longer see if his tummy settles. He is still sick but is is like the milk coming bk there is no lumpy bits as sometimes it was gritty looking. He doesn't seem to be in any distress when he is sick I sometimes find him hard to settle after a bottle can get quite stressed. I think I just have to give it some more time and keep an eye for the rest of week then I think I might try reducing his amount. He a big baby thou so loves his good. He just could be a sickie baby

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It could be reflux and the dr could prescribe gaviscon sachets which thicken the milk so it didn't come back up. .. or it could be an intolerance to milk does he have any other symptoms like crying for no reason? I'd have a chat with ur hv amd pop and see ur gp x

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I agree with mummymummy about the reflux, mine has that, tell sign for me is she coughs and hiccups a lot. She's been on gaviscon and ranitidine since 3 and 5 days old (respectively) and is rarely sick or spits up. I'd go see your GP, it's simple to treat if it is that x

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If your baby has no other symptoms I would say that's its reflux. My LO has been on hungry baby formula since about 3 weeks old due to his appitite. He then began to sick up his bottles, which I thought was just a phase but it kept happening so took him to the GP who prescribed baby gaviscon this was in my opinion rubbish it made his already thick milk even thicker so he couldn't drink it. He then went on some medicine that went in the bottles again this didn't work. I was then at the end of my teather with it all due to going through numerous changes of clothes and at least 10 bibs a day, my LO was bit getting upset with it it just meant he was hungrier quicker. I took him back to the GP and she said to try stay down milk which is the purple lid sma. I tried this and made sure that he was sat upright when being fed, winded at the end and then also keeping him upright for ten to fifteen minutes after and no playtime for at least half an hour after feeding. Louie is 13 weeks old now and he stills gets it a bit but since we have stuck to the above rules for feeding its a lot better although I was told that I may just have to put up with it. I must say that I am slowly introducing puree's and other foods to him to stave of the reflux, I don't advocate this to you as your baby may not be ready but mine is.

There are other medicines out there but I don't think any of them are much cop. I feel for you as I know how hard it is. Good luck Xx

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I had this problem with my one, would literally sick up what would look like his whole bottle. We switched him to aptimal, made sure he was stopped at least 3 times during drinking his bottle to be burped(which he would protest about!!) but it worked wonders and he was fine after! He is now 4 months and has no problems anymore with that x

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You could try colief. It breaks down the milk enzymes and makes it easier to digest. Just a thought, Are there any signs of allergy? Worth talking to GP or HV if it persists. I have to keep my little one upright as much as possible to help keep milk down. Hope this helps x

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My baby, now 6 months was very sick from the very beginning. At first, we didn't notice much 'as babies are sick aren't they??'. But other people would comment, and when we started to go to baby groups, or meet with other mothers, it was always a running joke about him being sick all the time, and I started to realise hardly anyone else's was.

In the first 3 months I believe he had colic and went to the doc about potential reflux. I was already on infacol, but the doc said unless he wasn't putting on weight, or his sick was spraying the room he saw no need to prescribe Gaviscon (though other docs seem very willing).

Just like Mango401, we stopped 3 times during feeds for burps, kept him as upright as possible, and then sat upright for another 20mins after feeds (which is a real pain in middle of the night, but better than waking for 2 hours of screaming later).

If your baby is pulling away or in distress, potentially there is trapped wind in there somewhere, so just be patient.

I don't think my baby realises he is sick most of the time, and never cries about it, so ive just got used to taking about 5 rags with me, and my friends know to cover up before holding!

We stayed on the same milk from the start and I'm pleased we didn't stress and keep chop and changing things as he was generally very happy until the 'colic evenings', and I think we would have just been more panicky that something was wrong and nothing was working.

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Gosh sounds like u had a rough time with it. Is ur LO still sick now or did it get better? Xx

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Quite simply, my baby is still a sick baby. However, it's 100% better than it was. The first 3 months, he was struggling with wind etc, and I was worried that he was losing his whole feed, but he was putting on weight fine. I never changed milk (despite being about the only one of a group of us 10 mums who didn't!), but as he seemed very happy and un bothered by the sickness during the day, I didn't feel it would help much, as colic etc is supposed to get worse in the evenings anyway.

After 3 months, he was no longer sick over himself at night and regularly kept his feeds down.

After saying to myself a few times, 'why is he always sick when other people are around!?!' I suddenly realised, he is now only sick when he gets excited, and unfortunately, that's when we are at play groups, or people are in his face chatting to him.

Def have a word with your HV in case they are worried, but if they think its colic or reflux, don't stress yourself by trying every medicine and milk, you will end up VERY stressed when the magical cure doesn't happen. Sadly I think most babies just grow out of it, so it's a waiting game. Good luck! :-)

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Thanks for all the advice guys I goin speak hv see wot she thinks xx

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Can I just say that medicines don't work for every baby much as in the same way they don't always work for us adults but that is no reason not to try them...

I still think you should see your GP (yes by all means check with your HV but they are not doctors) should your son's symptoms persist.

My daughter was diagnosed with reflux while she was in scbu; the gaviscon and ranitidine works for her. When I have tried to wean her off it, her symptoms get worse. She is 5 months now and I will soon be weaning her onto solids; at this point her reflux should improve.

I tried comfort formulas but they didn't agree with my daughter. I tried hungry baby formula (despite my HV advising me not to as it sits in babies stomachs for longer and can cause digestion problems) but she was extremely grouchy on it. I didn't mix her gaviscon with either formula though as it quite clearly says on the packet not to mix with any thickening products. Gaviscon naturally thickens formula which is why it shouldn't be mixed with comfort or hungry baby formula.

Hope you get it sorted.

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Try to give your baby SMA anti reflux milk. My baby was like that too till I found out he's got silent reflux. As soon as I tried SMA anti reflux he wasn't throwing anything up. Only thing is it's a thicker formula so you'll really have to shake the bottle hard cause if you don't then the milk will have lumps in it

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