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Felt baby for the 1st time yesterday!

just wanted to share as it made me smile, I have been so busy with everyday life and my LO. Can't wait now until the end of he month for our 20 wk scan :)

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Awww its an amazing feeling :-) enjoy! Xx

:) one of the best feeling ever, and the 20wk scan is pretty amazing too! Are you going to try & find out what your having?

No we are going to leave it a surprise again best way I think :) x

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Couldn't agree more :)

It's a great feeling, isn't it? I got really worried at the weekend, when I hardly felt anything, but she's more than made up for that now (^_^) X

I love the feeling forgot how nice it felt, i am glad she is moving around again, I know how you feel when they don't move in the normal way my 1st gave us a fright and I ended up being hooked up to a monitor for a few hours he made his appearance 3 days Later x

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