My baby hates my sister???

Has anyone else had there baby take real dislike to someone for no reason? My sister came last night and the 2nd my baby saw her she burst out crying she looked really scared of her I tried to take her near her but she just screamed. As soon as I took her in the other room she was fine but soon a was back in the room with my sister she looked straight at her and screamed iv never seen anything like it she is usually quite happy sociable baby and has no reason not to like my sister so weird! Just wondering if anyone has experienced the same thing?


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  • Hi Louise,

    Has your sister changed her appearance in some way? Perhaps her hair style or colour?

    Some children/ babies can be very sensitive towards appearances & sometimes memories of a person they may think they know so the only other thing I could think of is has your sister been away somewhere on holiday perhaps & has come back after a few months or so........

  • She hasn't changed her appearance but we do only see each other once a month or less so she hasn't met her many times still strange as she is usually ok with complete strangers so I tealy have no idea x

  • Babies can be strange Lil darlings sometimes,- someone mentioned it could of maybe being her scent (a very strong scented perfume) or something.

    My son used to do this to me when i wore a specific perfume and he hated it so much he used to sort of pull away from me when i held him LOL!


  • No not a strong perfume she's bit of tom boy doesn't where any!

  • Lol my second daughter used to do this with a dear friend of mine she always looked at him and burst into tears but we never knew why she loves him dearly now lol x

  • If she looks like you, she might just be confused and crying is the only way she knows to express this feeling. Hopefully it won't last once she gets used to her. X

  • Is it a scent thing? Some babies are very sensitive to smells. Does your sister wear strong smelling perfumes?.

  • Bless, my son was fine with my sister in law until she came over wearing a hat then he screamed his little head off and would not go to her, it took a couple of weeks for him to get over it but he used to look at her head like is it there today? Then he would decide if he wanted a cuddle from her or not ;)

  • My lg took a dislike to my MIL and FIL :-( even though she sees them every week. She's now coming up 8 months and getting better with them as long as we don't leave her alone with them. She also doesn't like people wearing sunglasses or men with beards. Could you use Skype or something alike to talk to your sister so your LG gets used to seeing and hearing her? hopefully she'll get used to her soon x

  • Hahaha that's so funny!does your sister wear glasses?theres deffo something about her the baby doesn't like x

  • No no glasses she is really tall so mayb its a height thing who knows

  • maybe she thinks (in baby reasoning) that she's there to take her away from you

  • i didn't like being left alone with my grandma (a very strong character) ever, even till my teens!

  • Apparently I used to scream my head off as soon as I saw my aunty; needless to say I love her to bits now xx

  • My son does this with my Mum! She was there at birth and looks like me but 20 years older and I used to think he was confused especially if I was in the room too but if I moved away and she distracted him he would be ok until I came back in the room again, he was much better on our last over 6 months, finally! But doesn't mean to say he won't revert back at the next visit! x

  • My nephew used to be like this with one of his uncles & would scream if he went anywhere near him. It did pass over time though and he now goes to him happily .... I'm sure it'll be the same for you!! Your poor sister - i bet all she wants is a little cuddle!

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