How long?

Once the sperm enters the body how long will it take for a baby to start growing? This may sound like a vague question but my reaoning is that my bf and I ttc on Thursday night. But I'm supposed to be going on a night out next weekend and I want to know if ill be safe to drink :/ I will be taking a pregnancy test before I go out though just to make sure too. Thanks for any replies :) x

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I think this question can be similar to - how long is a piece of string to be honest as every human being is built with different abilities & therefore can conceive at different rates.

If your worried about the possible harmful effect you could cause to your pregnancy there's no need to worry as it usually takes anything from 2 to 6 weeks from conception to form an embryo.



I thought that might be an answer. And when I am pregnant I'm not touching alcohol at all :) thank you for your reply zx


Pregnancy tests are only effective from the day of your first missed period, so it will be too early to test at that point I think. As soon as the sperm meets the egg, the cells will start to divide immediately. That said sperm can live for 5 days so if your egg is released say 5 days later and one breaks through the egg then it will begin in 5 days.


This might be a bit controversial but I say don't worry too much about having a couple of glasses of wine one night when the egg won't even be implanted if you are pregnant. Don't go on a mad binge, but it can take ages to conceive and if you put your life on hold it puts so much pressure on you. Good luck! Xxx


If you're TTC then you shouldn't drink excessively anyway, and that goes for your partner too. As with anything, enjoy in moderation.

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I had a miscarriage last March and felt really down and drank heavily all through April and May. We were told we had to wait until after I had a period to ttc again and I found out I was pregnant on the 27th of May. I now have a beautiful healthy baby girl who is sleeping next to me right now.

Also, look at all those unplanned babies who are born after drunken sex and those mums won't have known until their next period and probably got sozzled a few times before finding out.

Go out and enjoy urself! Sorry ladies for being Devils advocate Hehe xx


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