I think Im pregnant I had been having many symptoms. So I took a test. Did I take the test to early since I took it 4 day after having sex?

I have had


-bad gas

-lower back pain


-runs out of breathe walking up or down stairs. Even walking a lot takes energy.

-Increase in appetite then having the urge to throw up.

-certain smells such as fish make me gag. Even though they never have before.


-my stomached has gotten slightly bigger and hard.

-I pee more often.

-mood swings.

-cravings for fruit.

-and I had spotting then what seemed like a period but heavy then very light.

-also head rushes and dizziness.

What do you guys think?

-Oh and the test came out negative.

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When is your period due?

Testing for pregnancy should be done when your period is later than you expected it to arrive.

Some tests are able to detect a few days before your period is due but generally the biggest sign of pregnancy is a missed/late period.


Normally around the 15th of every month but last time it had started.around the 22ND and ended by the 26 and it at first just spotting which I normally don't get then just got slightly heavier which was odd because I'm very heavy on my period

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You might be pregnant but that's a lot of symptoms to have for only being 4days pregnant! There's no reason why being only 4days pregnant would make you out of breath, and your hormone levels just wouldn't be high enough to give you Morning sickness, forgetfulness and cravings. Also, most tests won't pick up only 4days worth of pregnancy hormones; you'll need to wait until after a missed period, as 2ndtimelucky said.


Well it's been about three weeks since the test and most of the symptoms have just started


You need time for the hormone levels to build up enough to show in a test -once your period is late, test again.


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