Pregnancy hormones and arguments

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I'm nearly 17 weeks and employed full time (40 hours a week), hubby is currently employed 2 nights a week for 4 hours. He's a delivery driver and pays for his own petrol, so basically he's bringing in next to nothing. He is looking for full time employment but no luck as of yet. We are constantly arguing over my work hours at the moment. He wants me to rest, and I want to work as much as I can whilst I still feel able to because we need the money.

The problem is that my hormones aren't helping when we argue. I try to present a rational argument and remain calm about it, but when he's shouting at me I get so upset that I start shouting back which makes things worse. I just shouted "f*** off" to him in the street, after he made a sarcastic thank you comment for the lift he gave me (post argument)-and that's just not me. I'm usually the first to avoid confrontation.

I hate the stress this is causing and I'm worried about the effect on the baby. Has anyone got any tips for taming my fiery hormones so we can discuss this calmly and rationally?

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Hiya Geekpetite,

I'm sorry to say but I think there's not much you can do about these raging pregnancy hormones as your body has & is going through a rapid change & the more the baby grows inside you your hormones are without a doubt going to be affected.

I can definitely identify what your going through right now as men are funny & very annoying little creatures at the best of times & to be honest I can see his point of view as the full-time work you're doing at the moment is only going to become harder for you, the more your pregnancy progresses, but then as you said you obviously need the money more than ever now as babies don't come cheap these days.

The best advise I can offer you is to take a deep breath whenever you and your partner are having a chat & in a calm way let him know that your hormones are a Lil out of place right now but he's also pissed you off LOL!

If it's any consultation I too had this problem when I was pregnant with my 1st child in 2008 to the point that me & my hubby broke up a good couple of times even before my son was born so you're definitely not alone hun! - :)


Men like to feel they're supporting their families just as we girls do, could some of his issue be down to feeling he's failing when he's most needed? Let him know your proud of him trying to get other work but in the mean time what he

can do to support you is cut you some slack, make allowances for your hormones and do chores. And he needs to accept that this is how it is for now but it will change. Good luck.x


I think it is a case of him not feeling like he is fulfilling his role to be husband/dad and bread winner. Like above it won't last xxx


Thanks for the advice all. We had a calm talk about things later and it's sorted for now. I understand why he feels the way he does completely, it's just my hormones are making discussing things a nightmare. I feel like a teenager again, I'm so up and down.


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