Wheezy / chesty cough

Hi everyone. My little boy is 21 weeks old and he's had a horrible cold & cough since last Sunday. I've given him calpol & I have vapour rub, olbas oil, saline nasal spray and one of those things that suck the mucus out of his nose!! His congestion is getting a bit better but his cough is still very much there. It's a chesty cough & since yesterday I can hear him wheezing when he breathes. I'm thinking the wheezing is just because he has phlegm on his chest but I'm not sure if there's anything I can do about it??! Is there anything else I can give him? If it's no better on Monday I'll go to the GP but just wondered if anyone has any pearls of wisdom?? X

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  • Have a look at him breathing is he breathing fast? This is a sign they are not well and having to work a bit harder to breathe. .. my son has exactly the same symptoms and he is more chesty and coughing more today have rung 111 but there is a long wait so ringing them again... The fact the smog has been bad hasn't helped and we live near the worse area!

  • Hot steamy bathroom is good to sit them in when ur having a bath or shower and put wet towels on radiator if u have heating on x

  • I think he is breathing a bit faster than normal :-( I forgot about the 111 number, I may give them a call. He's given me the same cough & cold, I'm really struggling to look after myself never mind both of us! I'm BF so can't really take anything to help. I feel so helpless for my poor little man, I don't like to hear him wheezing :-(

  • I was told my little one needed to be seen so waiting here now. .u can take paracetamol and ibropufen when u breastfeed x

  • Oh no I hope he is ok? Iv just been reading up on bronchiolitis and have started worrying myself. I'm better getting him checked, rather safe than sorry! X

  • Let me know how u get on my lo chest is clear is all the mucus in his throat... He has sore throat and eye infection so just keep doing what I'm doing x

  • My lo is 7 months old and has a chesty cough with wheezing. I've taken him to the gp twice. Apparently his chest is clear but we were advised to use nasal drops and prescribed an inhaler. Trust your instincts and do what you think is best. Good luck.

  • Smiler my lo is exactly the same wheezing and coughing and been prescribed the same, he's also 7 months. Have u found it's eased off? He's had it 4 weeks and I'm not happy it hasn't cleared up yet.

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