Stupid question but need advice plz

When do u change the baby carrycot on pram to stroller position? My hubby thinks we should do it now as she's older and my friends have with their babies but to me I've heard that she should remain flat still but wondering at what age do u change it. She's 13 weeks now but when I put her in the position she didn't look big enough!

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  • Supposed to be 6 months. I changed mine though at a little over 4 months as it will still recline to a horizontal position (but not 'flat'). They are supposed to be able to sit up straight and have good head support much like when they are weaning before changing the position plus something to do with ensuring their spine stays straight while it's still developing properly. As my lo falls asleep when out in her pram, her head flops to the side so I've put in a head support to keep it straighter. I prob wouldn't recommend that you change the position at 13 weeks though... give it a few more weeks.

  • It does say that the pram carry cot is up to age 6 months but my twins were moving alot so i had to when they were 16 weeks

  • They do say 6 months but I think it's weird as u put them in a bouncer and they are not lying flat in them? I done it from 5 months but I lie him flat as poss x

  • My son physically didn't fit in his carrycot at 6 months.. was too long and he was very nosy so I changed it about 4 months I think. Feels like ages ago. X

  • Questions, Can my baby support their head or able to sit straight. If your answer is NO followed the below:wouldn't recommend that you change the position at 13 weeks, give it a few weeks. If your answer is YES: good luck and keep checking if your baby is okay.......

  • My pushchair could be used be used from birth so we put her in from about 10 wks. She could hold her head very well and she is quite a sicky baby and had bad colic so for her being a little more upright was brilliant. Plus I have her facing me so I know shes not slumped to one side.

    shes now 21 wk and hates it when I lie her down. She's so nosey, she just loves looking around :-)

  • It depends on the pram. I've got a bugaboo n the pushchair seat is suitable from 6 months

  • Thank u guys! I knew it would be too early now but just wanted advice. I have the mothercare orb but can't find info on it with the answer the age goes up to on carrycot.

    Thanks again for everyone's comments :-) x

  • I guess again, it does depend on the pram. I have a Quinny, and the shoulder straps are able to support the head left and right, but if his head tilts forward when he sleeps, I'm able to recline the seat to support this.

    I tried my baby in his pram very early on, and just looked too small, but at 5 months he started to become a lot more restless in his car seat when we went for walks, so transfer into buggy and he is much happier as is able to look around.

    13 weeks does seem young, especially as my reason for swapping was so my son could see more of the world and not the sky. Think at just over 3 months a few hanging toys would do the job, then look at moving her when she starts complaining about being in that position, but from myself and others, 5 months seems to be a good time.

  • I put my baby in at 14 to 16 weeks but my pram came of, and we put the facing towards mum side of the pushchair on it,I made him a little cushion and used a head hugger and kept it in recline so he was safe ,he hated the carrycot and so did Its so big at first and impractical ,I have the safety first connexions set and it was worth every penny.Hes nine months now and can wriggle out of it so the harness is always on tight!

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