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8 weeks pregnant with a UTI


Hi all.

I am 8 weeks pregnant and I saw midwife this week for a booking in meeting. At the appointment she took a sample of my urine.

Today my GP has called me to inform me that I have bacteria in my urine which is apparently common with no symptoms in pregnancy. He has prescribed me a course of antibiotics for a week.

Are antibiotics safe to take during pregnancy? I am just very cautious as I have recently suffered a slipped disc in my back and was prescribed by the same GP very strong codeine, which he told me was perfectly safe to take whilst pregnant. My midwife was not very happy when she found out and thankfully I didn't take them!

Any advice would be greatly received. Thank you x

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Some antibiotics are safe in pregnancy. I had signs of infection in my urine but like you had no symptoms at all. Never had a uti in my life. It was picked up at my 12w scan appt. I wasn't prescribed anything just told to see gp straight away if I developed symptoms. I think you did right by not taking them! Xx

I think penicillin are ok.what have you got xx


I've personally not had a UTI before but I was prescribed Amoxicillin during my 1st pregnancy as I had a cyst on my labia area of lady bits.

As the amoxicillin was prescribed by my G.P he let me know that this particular antibiotic medication is common and very safe for pregnant women to take.


Most abx are safe in pregnancy. Codeine has only recently been taken off the list for use in pregnancy and breastfeeding so your gp isn't that bad. I got prescribed codeine due to severe back pain and took it as I'm allergic to the alternatives x

I had antibs for a uti in first trimester. no problems with my 15 week old apart from being a cheeky monkey!


A friend of mine had problems with her pelvic bones in the third trimester & was prescribed codeine.

My first pregnancy was one long UTI. I was prescribed antibiotics so many times. My lo is fine and healthy. It's up to you whether you take the tablets, doc can only advise you. Good luck.

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