Drinking like a fish! Stuck for middles names! Hate taking iron tabs!

Hi, I am 38+3 and seem to be drinking so much water but still thirsty a lot of the time. It does seem to help with the heartburn (it's so bad I think I'll be giving birth to chimpanzee) but you then get the obvious need for the loo - it's so often that at night I'm probably up 6-7 times. I feel I have to drink to make sure the iron tabs don't have their awful effect - touch wood I have been lucky with that so far. Is there anything anyone found that really helped quench their thirst that isn't gallons of water?

I am also stuck for a middle name - it's driving my husband and I up the wall - we think we have finally come up with a first name but getting one to go with both the first name and our surname is proving difficult. I guess I will have to wait until I meet bump.

I'm one of those annoying people that can't sit down for long and I'm getting really bored of not doing much - what do you do to pass the time when you need to rest?


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I sometimes have a little walk to tire myself out, which forces me to rest (if that makes any sense?!) Reading a book or doing puzzles are also good, as your mind is concentrating on something, whilst you chill out?

As for a middle name, don't worry if you don't have one picked - I don't have a middle name myself, it makes filling in forms a lot quicker :-) !!

As for the water thing, all I can suggest is food with a high water content, such as melon, cucumber...that sort of thing. I would avoid eating things that make you thirstier, such as chocolate, salty food, etc. X


I'm 35 weeks plus 6, I thought it was just me being thirsty, nice to know someone else is getting this too. Passing the time is difficult, I'm knitting baby a blanket which passes the time as I know I have to keep doing it otherwise baby will b here but blanket won't b ready :-)


Mention to ur midwife about excessive drinking. .. Can be a sign of gestational diabetes....Amd what about middle name after ur mum or dad or nan grandad? And what about reading a book u went get time when baby comes so make the most of it to pass the time all the best! X


I was drinking tonnes with my pregnancy, no diabetes or anything, it was just my body wanting lots.


Keep as active as you can if you feel well. I've just had my second and apart from napping when my 2 year old napped, I didn't get much rest this time in the lead up to giving birth. I even walked into town and back at 39+4 weeks pregnant, an hour each way, I slept really well at nap time that day!

Cook some batches of meals and freeze them for easy meals once baby has arrived. Bake a cake or some cupcakes and freeze them for midnight snacks whilst feeding. If you aren't already a member of your local library, join. If you're planning to breastfeed you'll have plenty of time to read, I've read more in the last week (since Albert was born), than I've read in the last year and a half!

Find out about baby groups in your area. Go along to a bumps and babes group to meet some mums-to-be/newish mummies - get tips from them about having a newborn. Find a breastfeeding group if you're planning to breastfeed, get advice from them. Both my babies were tongue tied so we struggled/are struggling with breastfeeding and I found these groups brilliant for support the first time. I love breastfeeding my babies, it really is special, but how it hurts when they're tongue tied/learning to feed after having the tongue tie cut. Find a recommended cranial osteopath, I took my first and am taking my second, it can help after a difficult birth or if your baby has colic.

Agree with mummymummy about being thirsty, can be a sign of gestational diabetes, hopefully not, but better safe than sorry.


hey im 35 wks & 5 days. me and my husband are in the middle of choosing a name ourselves.. i think were going to pick a name such as a granda or grannies name and keep the middle name in the family..just an idea for you :)


Hi, congrats. Im in thesame situation with the thirst! In my drinks i have a few cubes of ice. Once they are small enough and hit ure lips when ure takinga drink, take in one ofthe ice cubes and sook on it. Also try have ure drinks cold that may help also. I mix it up between water and diluted juice. No fizzy as it dehydrates u. Also hot drinks can make u feel dry too. But in both of my pregnancies the cold drinks have really helped. Its worth investing in ice trays if u have none and whack a few trays on and stick them in the freezer for the following day. I am doing this most nights haha. Also ice lollies help if u fancy a treat too :).

Passing the time, its quite difficult when ure at the stage you are at. To be completely honest I was bored out of my mind during my first pregnancy, but going out and about seemed to help. Swimming is a good gentle exercise. In all honesty...make the most of it! Iam 34 weeks into my second pregnancy with PGP, a trapped nerve and sciatica on crutches chasing a 2 year old about lol. So no time to get bored. I mainly just prepared for the baby and packed my hospital bag. I assume you have all this done already though.

Middle names... I have not assigned middle names to my daughter, neither do I intend to my second. My husband and myself both have middlenames (as do almost our entire families). We find that everyone is named after someone i.e and aunt/uncle, grandparents. So its worth thinking of this maybe? Or if you have a couple names you like but prefer one to theother you could give your LO thosenames as a first and middle name? It would also depend on what name you have chosen for the first one? We have an unusual surnameso getting a first name to go was bad enough! Best of luck :) x


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