Baby grumpy in the evening?

Hello ladies, Happy Mother's Day to you all. Alice's being a bit colicy at the moment, she's fine all day and night, but in the evening, from 5 till 8pm cries her little eyes out. Nothing helps, boob, nappy change, bath, rocking, laying down...Nothing. Yet it's not often enough to say colic - she was pretty bad yesterday and day before, but tonight she's just sleeping (so far) with very little crying before. You got any experience with what food I eat could irritate them? We still bf, but started expressing a few days ago, cause I thought she was getting mad that boob was empty (that's how crying normally starts). She's been taking the bottle nicely, daddy got to feed her finally and enjoyed it very much. I got TT hand pump and manage to express 3oz at once for now. She puts on weight fine, cause I can actually tell she's getting heavy. Apart from crying she's a very happy baby, smiling, 'talking', sleeping nicely at night (with 2 short feeds), pooing, farting, burping, weeing etc. Any ideas?

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I must add (as the post wasn't long enough) that we she cries, she pulls 1 leg towards her chest occasionally, not constantly, but goes pretty stiff. Crying lasts about 10 mins followed by 10-20 min break for 3 hours. She then calms down and sleeps very well. Could she be just tired and struggling to settle?

Hi pat-s

It definitely sounds like she may just have a bit of trapped wind & as babies do try to stay awake as much as they can to only get very agitated & fussy.

My Lil one is almost 5 months old now but from the age of about 6 wks old I used to try & give her some gripe water before every feed as I believe it would help her to bring up any excess wind & therefore prevent her from becoming over-tired and grumpy.


Hi it sounds similar to my lo and it was colic, I used anti colic bottles, dr browns are great and colief, infacol is a lot cheaper and handier to use but didn't really do anything for us but we found colief helped. It did ease but still went on til he was about 12 wks then stopped. Good luck x

My DD used to do this and I'm convinced she was over tired. Once I started making sure she got more sleep our evenings improved. I found that if we kept stimulating her she got worse. Stick to doing one thing at a time for five minutes at least. I found it improved with age...

My 5 week is the same although can be bad all day as well as evenings. We're using infacol which has improved things. Also keeping baby upright for at least 20 min after each feed has helped.Not found a complete cure though. Hope it improves for you. It can be really miserable. X

Have a look at colief can help with colic x

Babies being 'grumpy' and unsettled in the evening is completely normal, especially if you're breastfeeding. The hormone levels in your body start to change in the evening and your baby knows that they need to be awake and feeding lots at this time of day. They can often be on and off the breast lots, for several hours (cluster feeding) and can sometimes seem a little frustrated as the milk flow slows down with lots of feeding. Your milk will not 'run out' so don't feel that you haven't got enough milk, the more the baby feeds from the breast the more milk your body will make.

Your baby shouldn't really need any infacol/gripe water/coelief if they're breastfeeding. You have no air in your breasts so if your baby is struggling with trapped wind then check that the baby is on in a good position. If the baby is taking a lot of air in with a feed then they're probably not on quite right and a little change of position can make the world of difference. :)

I agree with Lizzie 13, maybe get a professional to help with feed? Although I would think if that then wouldn't just be crying at evenings. Perhaps she's intolerant to something you're eating? Is there anything you tend to eat before evening feeds? Cows dairy is quite common. Is she having a good afternoon nap? My wee man can get upset in the evenings but for him us just being overtired. Hope it goes well, at least expressing gives you a wee break without affecting your supply. Hope they're feeling better soon x

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