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Good god! Piles and thrush... Give me a break!!!!!

Good god! Piles and thrush... Give me a break!!!!!

So yes after three babies piles has reared its ugly head yet again and today I found myself asking for that dreaded cream... Along with some canniest on as too I have a yeast infection. My god its bloody itchy! I've read up that cool ice packs soothe the area well. Anyone got any tips??

On another note Louis turned 9 months old today yay!

He has started on foods but still hasn't cut any teeth. We have had a bad cold and ear infection over last two weeks which meant lots of sleepless restless nights.

He is crawling all around keeping my I my toes now commando style too. He is slowly coming back into a routine although at 8 months I bit the bullet and bought formula. He wouldn't ever entertain it. So I'm still breastfeeding. He wakes once a night but never a regular time. I'm hoping that one day he will just stop. Once he eats more and is more tired from roaming around.

Well I end by saying happy Mother's Day to all mums with babas and mums with Babes still in tums. Take every moment to realise how lucky we are to watch and nourish our little babies. Much love everyone next post Louis 1year old oh my!!!

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Salt baths for piles but not so great for thrush! Time flies doesn't it! He has grown so much! And crawling bless I yearn for the day little man sleeps thru the night I'm exhausted really getting to me now! Ur looking well too! X


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