confused and unsure

Okmy periods are normally a full week or longer with cramping an blood usually around the end of the month...this is what happened. Week before I started I gained 5 pounds felt overly bloated an super constipated nipples hard...I finally started march 22nd-25th which is a lot shorter then normal the 23rd my boob leaked a little we had sex before and during..then 25th before bed it just stopped..woke up the 28th an I'm bleeding a peachy color a decent amount not a lot nor a little i felt fine all day then that night I had lower back aches like period back cramps no extra bleeding just the spotting..then today the 29th I have stomach cramps an bloated an still spotting. Its a little more on the brownish peach side now. Any advice would be nice please. I already have a 2year old also. Thanks oh and ps. I lost the 5 pounds during my 4 day period and im pretty healthy an on no medication. any info on what could be wrong or if i should be concerned wpould be nice thanks. an if anyone thinks im pregnant let me know when i should be ready to take a test thanks an the 28th an today super tired


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