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Trying for a baby soon :)

Hi everyone, so I took my last contraceptive pill on Sunday the 23rd and I am currently on my period. My boyfriend and I are going to try for a baby. After doing some research I have read that taking folic acid will help the baby's development and that it is a good idea to take that whilst trying to get pregnant and for 12 weeks whilst pregnant. Does anyone have any suggestions for things to help us? Such as ways to make conception more likely and also to help the baby once I am pregnant? This will be our first :) thank you for any replies x

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Folic acid is good to take. you can take ovulation tests to help you know when your fertile. Basically be healthy and don't stress too much. Good Luck x


Thank you :) my diet isn't the best but I'm not overweight, I was thinking about getting my diet sorted but I really don't know how to go about it x



Apart from the obvious things as to eat & drink as healthy as you can with very Lil' to no alcohol & etc....... try not to think about it too much and just go with the flow of intimacy.

Our bodies have a strange way of slowing down when we stress too much about something & it'll be all the more a better experience if you & your boyfriend enjoy yourselves.


Good luck!


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Folic acid is great to take. I came of Cerazette but it took me 2 years to conceive that's with the use of folic acid. I also charted my ovulation instead of wasting money on ovulation sticks. It's so easy to do and gets you to really know your body. Just google ovulation charts :-) After charting for only 2 months, I fell pregnant with gorgeous girl. X


I've read that taking folic acid before conception may help trying to conceive. I came off the pill n fell in 2 months!! N we weren't trying hard!!! But everyone is different. Just enjoy the practising!!! Having sex every other day, days 7-21 of your cycle would catch the time you ovulate as his swimmers will live inside u for a few days so will be ready n waiting for your egg. N make sure boyfriend has a "day off" on the days you don't have sex-if u get what I mean!!! As already suggested, don't get worked up about it...just go with it and enjoy!! Good luck x


Hello, my husband and I jointly took the Pregnacare Conception vitamins for him and her - they contain folic acid for her and zinc for him which is good for healthy sperm. We both followed a healthy diet and were extremely lucky and conceived after 2 months of my coming off contraception (Nuva ring). We tried to have sex every 2-3 days/at least three times a week, particularly around the time of ovulation and I tracked this with an App on my phone called My Days which I found really helpful. Good luck and enjoy!!!


Pregnacare has everything u need in it inc the folic acid so start taking them now. .. smoothies are a great way to get some fruit down either with apple juice or yoghurt. .. Strawberry amd banana with apple juice amd ice. .. yummy. ..veg frozen or fresh just try and incorporate it into ur diet every day if u can. . U may get morning sickness so I that time just go with what ever u can manage I lived off takeaway cos that's all I could stomach! ... It's about keeping u in tip top condition cos baby will take everything from u which can drain u... amd now summer. Is on the way lots of salad is great but everything is moderation is fine! You may go off stuff u used to like amd eat stuff u don't like! All the best happy baby making! X


Thank you for all your replies! I bought myself some Folic Acid and I'm going to get my diet into gear. Honestly can't wait and will be keeping my fingers crossed for myself lol


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