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Experiences of 2nd trimester?


Hi ladies, looking for experiences of your 2nd trimester... Particularly early on as I'm 14 weeks and most of my symptoms have now worn off, except for a bit of backache. It's a strange feeling as no proper bump yet and almost don't feel pregnant as much!

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I'm in my second trimester now, my bump started to appear at 16 weeks and over the next two weeks grew quickly! It's low still but it's a bump! I also started feeling my baby move around week 15, a lot earlier than the books say (but everyone is different and my midwife told me if you have a more slim build you can feel your baby earlier). Second trimester is fab, I must admit tho, my sleep has been quite disturbed! Enjoy it x


Hi semmers22,

My experience of the 2nd trimester is the happiness but yet the beyond believe that there's actually a growing child inside of me & the excitment of what or who the baby will look like.

During this stage i was also so happy to gain back some of my appetite too as the nausous feeling starts to wear off & you can finally tuck into a full plate of food without feeling guilty LOL! - & its may also be great time to start buying a few bits & bobs of clothing or etc...

And oh congratulations on your pregnancy! :)


I'm just short of 16 weeks, and agree it's a strange feeling to have seen baby a few weeks ago and yet feel "normal" again. Sometimes I have to remind myself there's a baby growing away in there. I'm lucky as I have a small frame and so I'm showing already :) Again, due to the small frame I felt movement at about 14+4-just little bubbles. Think I have felt stronger movements over the last few days, a sort of rolling sensation it's weird. Could just be gas though! I'm having trouble sleeping, keep waking up.

My second trimester was as awful as the first for nausea and vomiting. I felt baby from about 17 weeks, consistently from 18, could see kicks from about 20 weeks.

I didn't really have a bump until about 26-28 weeks just looked like I had had a ruddy good Christmas and got some looks at the gym until it became obvious that I was cooking a baby. I even asked on here when people showed, I am however quite tall.

Since then ka boom! I have quite a tummy on me now although people are still surprised how far on I am and make my day saying how neat I am (nausea has come in useful for something)!!!

I feel robbed of the second trimester 'bloom' it never really happened for me, so enjoy it xx


If you're feeling well then make the most of it!! I was lucky the first 14 wks no sickness just felt nauseous but was shattered. Weeks 14 felt normal again so make the most of it. I started showing at 16 weeks-I'm not a skinny one-and seemed to pop at 20 weeks!!! Felt baby properly move at 22 weeks but looking back felt the "bubbles" at about 16 weeks. But everyone is different. I have an anterior placenta and am surprised how much I feel! I'm 30 weeks now and definitely have an alien in my belly...I've now returned to not sleeping so well and getting up for the loo in the night again :-(. But if you're feeling well, enjoy it :-) as some mums to be feel rotten all the way through. Good luck :-)

Hello Ladies,

I feel quiet lucky with my pregnancy! For the first trimester I had nothing relly special.No morning sicknes and all the bad experiences what i could read here.

For now im 22 weeks. I am enjoying a lot the 2nd trimester cos finally I can feel that i am pregnant :) Baby has started to move around 16 weeks but only bubbling..Now she started to show more that she is in there and moving more often. The bad things started to come too such as back acke (I have a quiet big bump, My doctor expects the baby born with 4.5kg) but its still not that annoying. Having trouble with sleep though..

Have a nice 2nd trimester and enjoy it a lot! :)



I had exactly the same! During the second trimester I had absolutely no symptoms and often wondered if I actually was pregnant!! I went to my 16 week midwife appt and told her this so we listened for the heart beat which was amazing!! You'll get your bump soon enough and start to feel those first flutters, don't worry xxx

I just felt tired with no energy. All i did was cry. Everytime a advert came on about orphans, Africa or animals i was a blubbering mess. I was so emotional. That's all i really remember from my 2nd trimester. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy xx

Second trimester brought a massive appetite for me, pelvic pain and also lots of spots. And lots of sleep. Didn't really feel baby move till 22-24 weeks though x

Thanks ladies for your comments :-) xx

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