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Just wanted to share SPD relieved by chiropractor


Hi ladies, just wanted to share my recent experience so hopefully other women could benefit too. I've had SPD since about week 18 ( now week 35) and it has been painful but bearable. A couple of weeks ago it got unbearable, I was walking with a stick (borrowed from a grandparent!) and it took me at least 5 mins to get up our stairs with numerous stops and a lot of swearing. Things came to a head when I asked my dr for painkillers and he declined basically telling me it was one of those things and nothing he could do.

I have a friend who is a retired midwife who suggested I see a chiropractor so I booked an appointment when I was at my wits end and had my first appointment last Thursday. It was uncomfortable the first time, I won't lie, but there was instantly a change in the pain, I could move my legs rather than shuffle. I've now seen him 4 times in a week, it's not cheap at 30 quid a session so I'm glad we had savings. I can walk pretty much normally, climb the stairs like a normal person, even stand on one leg if I want to. The pain hasn't completely gone, turning over in bed is still one of the things that is uncomfortable but not painful. The pain has diminished by at least 80%.

I just want other women to know u don't have to suffer and be told there is nothing you can do. I also appreciate that a lot of people don't have money to spare, but if you do, it's an option and for me has proved a lifesaver. Sorry for the essay x

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Thanks for that, glad it helped you now try to enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy, I have just started physio for mine at 15 wks but if that does not help will definitely give a chiropractor a go :)

Some drs are aholes! Chiropractors and osteopaths are a god send and should be available on the nhs! But the g.p could of given u pain killers. .. Some women worth spd end up on crutches or wheel chairs after the birth its serious debilitating and bloody painful! Glad ur feeling better the relief is immense horrible being in so much pain when ur pregnant x

Hi ladies thanks for your replies, it's been a hectic couple of days so only just got on here. Outnumbered definitely consider it if u have some spare money, I'm like a different person! Mummymummy, the dr was completely pants a chiropractor really should b on the nhs but at the very least some painkillers. Thanks for your support ladies xx

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