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Gastroenteritis for the third time in 3 weeks, lo 10 weeks old and me too, any advise?


Hi all, feeling a bit dragged down and just wanted to see if anyone has any advice. My daughter and husband were ill a few weeks ago, the me and our little boy started with it 3 weeks ago, we keep shaking it off only for it to come back again a week or so later. We've also had a horrible cold and I've had mastitis. The doctors are running tests on son's stool sample to check for anything else but meanwhile I'm struggling as I feel so weak and tired, and poor little mite is so unhappy. He's keeping hydrated but is obviously not well, it's been 4 days so far this time and I just dread it coming back again! I'm bleaching all the surfaces, bathroom etc, what more can I do?

Sorry to be so negative, just feeling sorry for myself :-) I really want to enjoy these early days with him but right now it's very hard. Thanks for reading, I know many of you have it harder and I'm just being wimpy!

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Oh bless you sounds awful u just need to keep hydrated and keep ur strength up. .. eat little and often and if it's really bad take dirolyte have they prescribed that for lo? Just hope ur better soon x


Oh dear you poor thing! I had severe gastroenteritis when I was younger. I was extremely poorly and ended up in hospital with extreme dehydration and rapid weight loss. So keeping hydrated is so important.

I can't remember much but my mum worked so hard to stop it spreading to others. A few things I remember her doing is allocating everyone their own towels and wash cloths/ sponges, washing soiled clothes/towels/bedding etc on a very hot wash to kill bacteria, throwing away the cloth she used to clean the sink and toilet every time she did it. Luckily no one in the house got it!

Do you have the alcohol hand gel? If not see if you can get some big bottles! So much better than soap and water! It will be readily available on eBay and Amazon!

I'm sure you are probably doing all of the above any way. Take care and hope you are all better soon! :) x

Thank you both, today has been hard going, lo seems to have been even worse, doctors say they won't have results back until next week, would just be good to know which nasty we're battling. He had his inoculations on Thursday so I don't know if that's part of it, but I feel just like I have the last 2 times, which is what makes me think it's the same thing back again. In all honesty I haven't been too bad other than 'going' more regularly than normal, and feeling sick whenever I eat, and feeling generally week and woozy. I'm managing to drink ok, as is lo, he's just in so much pain it's hard to see, I'm thanking my lucky stars that I've been able to keep going with breast feeding this time as he's getting a lot of comfort from just suckling and falling to sleep on me.

Thanks again for your support, it's funny how lonely this parenthood thing can feel considering how many of us do it.x


Throwing cleaning cloths away and not sharing towels is really good advice. I'd also suggest boil washing tea towels and detox on kitchen surfaces. Alcohol hand gel also a good idea before and after nappy changes to make sure you're not re-spreading it.

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