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PGP or SPD as it was formerly known and advise on support bands?

Hi everyone hope you are well, I am about 15 wks now with my 2nd baby and have a pain in my hip for the past 3 or so weeks I went for physio today and was told that my sacroiliac joint is jammed as it does not want to move I also have a muscle that is tight and needs to be relaxed so after a painful session it did but only just. (More physio next week)

I have been given exercises and been advised to buy a support band has anyone used one and do you think it helped?

Thank you in advance :)

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I bought one from boots for around £12 as I have spd. I found that it made me feel too warm. I stopped using it as I felt better for a while but I'm thinking of starting to wear it again as at 32 weeks it's become worse recently. I'm carrying low as well which probably makes it worse. Good luck x


Thanks I have ordered one so will try it out when it gets here! :)


Definitely helped a huge deal. I had a nexcare one which was good, then got one through the physio which was better. It needs to be adjustable and quite snug to literally take the strain.


Thanks scoffcat, I wore mine for the 1st time yesterday while at work as I am standing for most of my shift and it helped more than I thought it would so here's hoping it will continue :)


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