Hungry baby!!!

Hi everyone I need some advice or if anyone has the same problem! I just cant fill me lo up I had to stop bf as she was so hungry I was up every 1-2 hours. Formula did help she changed to waking up hungry only 1-2 times a night! But lo was so hungry in the day a 8oz bottle would e gone in under 5min so in the end hv advised weaning early a just over 5 months she is now a week off 6months n has 3 big meals of veg/fruit/baby porridge a day (leaving other food groups till she reaches 6 months) as well as milk and yet she still wakes up hungry at least once a night I try n settle her without food even give her water which settles her for few hours but not long I just could really do with ideas to stop her needing food in the night or fill her up??? Thanks x

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Hey, my little boy is 8 months and still wakes up once or twice a night for food. We try water when he does but he screams until he gets breast! He was waking more but moving him into his own room helped. Also, it has really helped giving him more water in the day. Was just doing it at meals really, with cup- still do that but ensure he has bottle water too, 3-4Times a day. Also it may be a number of other things waking her in the night, especially teeth pain. And drinking may be more of a comfort that for hunger. Just one of baby's annoying habits, but def frustrating. I just think little one will grow out of it eventually xx

Hi Louise87, from what I've experienced with my LO and the previous post I'd say this is pretty normal. My LO has 3 good meals a day but still wakes for a bottle which in pretty sure is hunger over habit.

Don't forget until they're a year old their main 'food' should be milk. In the meantime whilst I'd loved him to sleep through I'm happy to feed him whenever he's hungry xxx

My son dropped his night feeds months ago off his own back. I thought that was just normal but have since found it seems more common for babies to still have some kind of night feed. As they get older it will change but really they do stuff when they want lol. He dropped his feed without weaning being involved so was obviously just right for him at that time. They run the show lol, go with the flow for now and see what happens :-) x

I gave my little one hipp organic hungrier formula, she was already on the regular but we had to swap because she was constantly wanting more and I really noticed the difference. She was back on the guidelines for her age and I didn't have to introduce food until she was 6 months old :-)

Was going to say the same try the hungrier baby milk? X

it might not be more food,maybe your baby is too full and is telling you they have

had enough.if your baby cries it might not meen feed me,but burp me more.if the last feed was too much it will take a few burps to get rid of to your health visitor.and keep a record of how often and how much feed you sounds like an over filled little baby eats more than they need.dont over do it plz.good luck

Think it is hunger when she gets wind she has a high pitched cry and pulls her hair very different to her hungry cry but will double check Anythings worth a go :)

Hiya, my LO 3 week's off 6 months and I asked for help from the health visitors and a sleep advisor because she was waking every 1.5-2 hours for feeds. They suggested weaning early (which we were already doing), but told us that an age appropriate amount of feeds would be about twice in the night,, including one @ 10/11 o-clockw although some babies will have less. So once at night might be what your LO needs st the moment, although it does suck for ur sleep. If it's really tiring can you share night feeds with your partner so you don't have to do it every night?

hi my baby is 8 months he drinks 4 x five ounce bottles and 2 small meals during 24 hours hes in 12/18 month clothes and weighs 21 pounds hes sitting crawling and babbling.I would give your baby a last feed at 11/12 at night so she just wakes up once for a feed,and the other lady suggested water which I would try also.My baby did not like the hungry baby milk which I used while BF it gave him constipation and i stopped it within a week.I think your baby just loves to eat and has a big appetite,our baby was 18 pounds at 6 months how much does she weigh?was she premmy?

No not a premmy she weighs 14oz lllb in the 25th centile alot of people have mentioned hungry baby can give babies constipation so think I will give that a miss. I think you may be right I just have a hungry baby my little sister was the same when she was a baby maybe it runs in the family :) x

My friend said she gave hers the hungrier baby after 6 weeks and never had any problems could always try it and if it doesn't suit her go back to ur normal milk? X

Babies wake in the night for a whole bunch of reasons, my LO is 6mo and has been EBF, mainly on 50% Centile but shot to 75% during a growth spurt quite recently. He's been waking every 2-3 hours since 4 months and some nights we get next to no sleep as he has gone through development milestones...he all practice practice practice and now dealing with separation anxiety so making it once again hard to settle him.

Have started weaning but he's not massively interested so think it will be a slow process.

All babies different and only you will know what's best on any given night or day :-)

I think your baby is just a baby who likes to eat lots,and maybe has a fast metabolism,I agree she is eating for comfort and if she isn't getting a tummy ache just let her eat.I wish my baby would eat more his appetite is tiny but he is really long and weighs more than babys his age,All babys are different and to force a baby to eat or to keep one hungry is just not right unless baby has health problems.Try the hungry baby milk if it suits your baby you will know within two days as her poop will change by then

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