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could i be pregnant?

i have been "feeling different" all month long. on 2/27/14 was the end of my last period. i have irregular periods and an ovulation calcultor said that i was ovulating the 28 of feb to the 8th of march. i'm taking the pill so my bf never pulls out or anything. we had sex on the 29th and on the 6th. it said that all the days were highly fertile. and i was having cramping my mood was sad to pissed off to happy to sad again. i cried every night for the past two weeks. my "period" came today (3/21/14) it was supposed to start yesterday(3/20/14).but its not like my regular period. its light like only there when i wipe and i only have a liner when on the first day i use up a whole pad. and i have had some weird food cravings and changes like i cant eat anything with pancake syrup cuz the smell of the syrup makes me nauseous but i have been feeling nauseous all the time anyway. i cant drink anything except coke,water, milk, or apple juice. everything else tastes nasty (normally it tastes fine) i ate sausage biscuits with peanut butter and apples with pudding. and my breast have been sore and sensitive but no dark skin around the nipples.

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Take a test.

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If you have being taking the pill correctly ie not missing any or not taking them more than 12 hours past your normal time, it's pretty 100% that you're not pregnant. Maybe you have some sort of virus? Or are you under a lot of stress at the moment? If it continues, think I'd see the GP. Hope you feel better soon x


If u r ill they recommend using condoms for at least 7 days after u feel well again as the pill becomes less effective. But I do agree that the likelihood of pregnancy is pretty low x


Chances are low that you are pregnant, but not impossible! There are plenty of people that have fallen pregnant whilst on the pill. However, (especially)if your period has not come as normal it can cause mood swings and food habit changes. Whilst I have mine I am also "put off" foods and feel grubby. Take a pregnancy test and book an appointment with your GP.

You can call NHS 24/7 if you are UK based and they will be able to advise you or get you an appointment sooner. If it is suspected you are pregnant they will ask you to stop the pill. Good luck


i took a test this morning and it came back negative but im still feeling nauseous and nothings changed except theres a medium amount of blood. but theres no clots in it. should i take another test or just go to the doctor?


See your GP hun


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