lower back pain...anyone else suffering??

Hi during pregnancy from about 6 months started getting really severe lower back pain around cocyxx bone.Sitting down became agony & i work in an office so spent most days sat in an office chair which made things really painful. i tried sitting on wedge cushions/donut rings & saw an osteopath but this didnt help much. My midwife said it was probably due to ligaments & everything softening up & would probably go once he was born. To my delight after the birth the pain was gone completely! However about 6 weeks after birth had a niggling pain and now it's back to being as painful as it was before :(( just wondered if anyone else has experienced this? thanks

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Hi, congratulations on your baby!! :)

I've not had this exactly but do have an almost 10 year history of back pain since a horse riding accident! Personally, painkillers and physio did nothing at all. Hot water bottle is a good one, sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees also takes a lot of pressure of the spine. Swim if you can (know its probably impossible with a tiny baby!) The only thing that's ever 100% helped me is acupuncture. It's not cheap and in my case because the damage to my spine is permanent it will not go away forever but it can be very effective for an acute problem which yours hopefully is! It can be expensive though. If it continues after trying g such as the pillow and heat see your gp as you may very well benefit fro. Physio! :) x

Thank u, yeah sleeping with a pillow in between definately eases it (kind of stuck with that as only way to get comfortable when pregnant!) my doctor who said take ibuprofen 3 times a day for a while & see if this helps...although I'm not overly keen on dosing up on pills forever! I have heard acupuncture is suppose to be effective so might get myself booked up...just a shame u can't get it through nhs! ;)x

My life would be so much easier if nhs did acupuncture! The British acupuncture council is good for finding qualified local practitioners if you don't already know someone! X

Hi Ktm2014,

since giving birth to my LO (nearly 5 months ago now) i find i get quite severe back pain around the time path of when my menstrual cycle is due. I recall a slight back pain really only starting in the last few months of pregnancy but not like this.

The best thing i could possibly say is try not to sit in one place for too long as i find it starts to feel worse and then it almost as if you have forgotten how to get back up without ouch-ing in pain.


Sounds to me like u should have an mri... Could be the position has shifted because of ur pregnancy amd the fact it's come back. ..I always say pain is ur indicator to tell u something is wrong. .. Now it depends on how good ur g.p is. .. my friend had bad siatica and was referred straight away but my g.p has been crap and I'm still suffering after being taken to hosp in agony and I was just given ibuprofen cream and told to use a hot water bottle even thou the hisp said it needed further investigation! I'm going to see a different g.p so don't give up and hope u get it seen to! X

Where is your friends gp? I've Not even been referred back to a specialist after 10 years of daily pain never mind getting an mri! Might get myself registered with them! Lol x

Denham bucks... and I'm very suprised u haven't considering ur horse riding accident. . Think its disgusting. ..ispoke to another g.p in my practice when I came home from hosp and he said they only refer for persistant pain. .. which mine has been for 3 months so I'm Def going to see him. ...u should of demanded one! We pay our taxes for the nhs but then are denied mri's which are available. .. yeah I was shocked she got one so easily maybe they have better funding? But def push for one! X

Tbh I know what the result would be... My spine was broken so the damage can't be fixed like a break to the arm or leg surgery would have too much of a risk. What annoys me more is nhs denying treatment like acupuncture which does work for a lot of people! Drugs are the "easy" option but I don't want to spend the rest of my life on painkillers! But hey ho, I think myself incredibly lucky to still be walking and leading a normal life after escaping paralysis by 1mm! :) x

Wow yeah very lucky but yes I agree painkillers long term are not good for health! Sounds painful! :(

Your pain prior to labour could have been pelvic girdle pain, which can stay around after labour. I had it during and then had a really traumatic birth and it still gets a bit sore now (bubs 8mnths). Yours may go away in a couple of weeks as your hormones will still be raised. x

My friend is getting acupuncture on the nhs so might be worth asking your GP. It's also worth looking into multi bed acupuncture. You get treated at the same time as one or two other people which makes it much cheaper.

thanks for all your advice, I think I expected a few health niggles after the birth as labour & pregnancy is a massive experience for your body so its good to hear most of these things will hopefully get better or at least improve eventually :)) I am booking up to see osteopath/accupuncture so maybe if this helps I can persuade gp to do on nhs! x


I experienced this during my first pregnancy and now in my second pregnancy...its a crippling pain!

After my first I saw a physio and my GP to no resolution. I then went to a chiropractor whom also did acupuncutre, I went in to find out that my pelvis was 2 inches out of alignment and had actually caused my spine to curve to the slight causing my right side to "drop". Due to being in this position for a long time, all the muscles became extremely tight, causing more pain and discomfort. The chiropractor re aligned my pelvis and spine.He then gave me acupuncture into my back/neck/shoulder....omg it was amazing! I felt brand new after this! So would defo recommend acupuncture and possible consultation with a chiro to check pelvis, they will also give you some exercises to help if need be.

A word of CAUTION! Chiros are expensive and some of them are scam artists and will keep you coming to drain as much out of you as possible! I was fortunate with mine and stopped going once I felt he had done all that he could (after 3 sessions).

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