Going away for a few days if EBF?

My sister is having her hen weekend in June. I'm EBF my nearly 6 month old and wanted to keep going. I obv want to support my sister but my other sisters and mum are a bit funny about why I would still be breast feeding my little boy at 8mo. I'm also going to try baby led weaning. I'm happy with what I'm doing/going to do and I'm happy to be perfectly sober at a hen weekend (another bone of contention!) but will ds still want to breast feed if I leave him for a few days. Also, I will have to pump and dump all weekend which is an annoying waste of milk but ds has never taken to a bottle. I'll have to train him to use his cup before I go. Arghhh any advice gratefully received. Annoyed at family and annoyed at myself for indecisiveness! !!


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  • I'm afraid I've not got any experience of this, but I just wanted to say that it's your choice how you choose to feed your baby, try not to let your family affect how you feel! If their opinions are bothering you, you could ask them why they have an issue with it?

    I also wanted to say if you're trying baby led weaning, he might be using a cup or choosing to start weaning by then, too? A lot can happen in three months :-) Sorry if I've not been much help, just wanted to offer you a bit of support! X

  • Ah thanks. A bit of moral support goes a long way. :)

  • I havn't got much advice, but wanted to offer support like apple-tea. If your happy to continue bf at 8 months and beyond then why on earth not, after all, milk is still part of your babies main diet with food supplementing it to begin with.

    I can't see your little one refusing to bf after just a couple of days either, I bet he won't be able to wait to get you back :)

    It can be frustrating when family just don't seem to get it, all that matters is that your happy, and your little boy is happy xx

  • Thanks. I appreciate it :)

  • Hi hun . My son is 10mths bf and weaned. Like your lo he wont take a bottle. Its very tying bf but so worth it. I personally couldnt go away, not just the feeding issue but he is a proper mummys boy and does still feed a bit during the day. I also think it is hard to plan anything to far in advance as well as you just don't know how they will be etc. Its your choice and youhave done amazing feeding this long :-D dont let anyone tell you different!! Xx

  • Thanks. Have decided to tell sister that I am hoping to go but won't make my decision until nearer the time. As for the rest.. they think I NEED to get away from my little boy or he'll be clingy! I'm the youngest of 6 and they don't have children so don't really get it! Have decided to be brave and tell them that as I'm a mum now my priorities have changed. My little boy is who I should be worrying about :))

  • U will be able to have a drink if u want the alcohol stays in ur blood stream amd ur milk the same way so once it's processed it's out of ur system... and pumping doesnt make any difference but obviously keeps ur milk supply up. .. Good on u for doing that and have a lovely time! X

  • Was going to pump to avoid exploding boobs ha ha. Just don't like the thought if wasting. Also, such a lightweight these days I'm nervous about hangovers!! Thanks :)

  • Forgot about engorged boobs... ur be very ample to say the least lol x

  • Hey,

    I am also ebf a nearly 6 month old. We've started weaning and he isn't eating much at the moment but really enjoying it. I'm back to work in a couple of weeks and my hubby is worrying about him refusing bottle (so far he will take it) but I figure if he's hungry he will eat. I recon by 8 months he will be getting more from food but I plan on bf for as long as it's working for us (the thought of stopping makes me sad) and that is absolutely my choice. As is your choice to feed or not. And also you may not want to leave him by that stage.

    Ok that wasn't really advice but if I were you I'd go with my mummy instinct. Feed as long as it's right for you both (regardless of what anybody else thinks) and go to the hen weekend if it's right but don't feel bad if you don't want to go. Also try giving baby a cup. We've been using a doidy cup for him to practice with.

  • I think it will be a bit sad too when we stop bf which is why I want to keep going. People do find it odd when you go beyond the six months when "you don't have to" lol! I'm already practising with a doidy cup. Something else for ds to chew on but we're having fun with it. Can't wait to start him on food. I need to see how I feel about leaving him nearer the time. At the minute, a weekend without cuddles seems very long to me. Thanks :)

  • Yep my lb just chews the doidy cup too or tips it over him. Just listen to your instincts when it comes to your baby. X

  • hey, my son's nine months and he's still being breast fed. I think milk is still a main part of his diet until one and will likely cut it down then, but know lots of ppl who close to feed longer. bf will be really well established, so while i haven't been away for that length of time I'd be surprised if it impacted his feeding when you got homer. Perhaps you could use the expressed milk in food, if you wanted to you can still have a couple of drinks if you express after it's left your system, i think the time corresponds with the amount of units but is fair if you'd rather not drink at all. It took my son a while to learn how to drink from a sippy cup, and they'll likely still need a good few feeds while you're away so if you're planning to give them milk with a cup I'd start giving the cup now, so they have time to learn. we offer it every day with water in it, sometimes a splash of fruit juice too. Good luck!

  • Hey! You do what's right for you!! Have you considered freezing your ebm or seeing if a special care unit close by will accept donated ebm so you don't feel like you're 'dumping'. regardless of this, keeping your supply going for little one can't be a bad thing eh? Good on you and enjoy xx

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