Am I overthinking where to put a cradle?

Hi guys, so we have a swinging cradle for when baby arrives but the best place for it is in an alcove in our room so it's surrounded by walls on three sides. Will this allow enough air to flow etc as I've read up a bit on cot death and air flow or lack of it seems to be a reason why bumpers are no longer recommended. Am I overthinking this :-/. Sorry for such an odd question xx

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hi Vixstix,

if you,re already overthinking where exactly to put the cradle or cot you may want to also start rearranging the room altogether as once the baby arrives you most likely wont have time to do the simplest of things.

a good place to start is to look at the things you may have in the room already and decide whether or not it really needs to be there.

Im a mother of 2 young children and i had,to make alot of decisions to either throw away or re´-assemble a few things in order to make them comfortable and happy.



I wud say as long as its not directly near a window its fine. there are lots of things that you worry about but its just normal, my son didn't hav bumpers but now hes in his cot I hav put a bumper in as he has taken to headbutting the sides but he doesn't roll into them in night. x


I thought about it again and again too and put the crib in the alcove like you but you know what? In the end the crib is right next to my side of the bed!!! Easier to check on her and grab her to feed without leaving my warm covers!! :-D It's worth considering the night time feeding too ;-) xx


Thanks for your replies, unfortunately the cradle won't fit next to my side of the bed and then bed is in the only place it can be. The alcove is next to a window but there are two in the room and nowhere is really away from one. The only other place it could go is the end of the bed which is away from walls and further away from the window. I'm starting to think mayb that's better :-).


Hey, a shame can't fit the side of your bed, is easier. I think ventilation would be fine, is just not next to the radiator in case overheat or next to the window as cold and i've found the light coming through wakes him up. I'd go with the end of the bed if can't fit on the side :) can easy move if doesn't work out.


Don't be too afraid of putting the cradle near a window. As long as it's draft free, the natural light during daytime naps is important in the early days to prevent jaundice. (Jaundice is caused by a build up of bilirubin in the skin; bilirubin is produced when red blood cells are broken down) Newborns are usually fine sleeping in a light room. When he/she is a few weeks older, drawing the curtains will help him/her establish a difference between "day/awake" and "night/sleep" time and by then, liver more mature so jaundice no longer an issue. My main advice would be to talk with your midwife and follow your instincts - there is so much conflicting advice on the internet. Find a site you trust and try and avoid trawling for more opinion - it will only worry you more. I think we all (parents) are prone to overthinking things when it comes to our firstborn. Good luck, sure you'll make a great Mummy.


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