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My little boy is 4 and a half months old and this last week or two he has gone off his milk and waking every 3hours fir a bottle! He was seeking at 18weeks and eats baby rice well one bowl a day now sometimes 2. but since then won't ever take his full 6oz bottle he will only take 3-4oz he is very tired alot only has about 5 3-4oz bottles a day and doesn't sleep well is he poorly or is this a phase?

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My little boy did exactly the same at this age!! Just had to get what I could down him until I introduced veg puree at 5.5 months. I genuinely think he was fed up of milk!! (And I'm not surprised!) You could always give him some porridge too so it's not all rice until he is a bit closer too 6m when you can start with some real food. There is always a chance he is coming down with something too though. How does he nap in the day? He could also be getting a bit over tired? X


He sleeps alot atm about 3-4 naps fir 30mins at a time he is a bit grumpy im wondering if its a growth spurt as he has always slept through


My thoughts are 4 month fussies, sleep regression and growth/development spurt.

Has he acquired any new skills?


I think its just one of those phases that we never seemed to hear about before becoming mothers and especially around the 4 to 6 months old stage when they seem to be either teething or growing though a major growth spurt and most likely both.

As long as he,s taken in some sort of food, like you mentioned baby rice and is drinking plenty of fluids I.E, Water he,ll be fine.



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