Help rash/spots on baby

Help rash/spots on baby

Hey everyone i havent been here for a while hope everyones well but im after some advice regarding my son, hes now 4 months old and has developed this red rash/ cluster of spots all on his belly and legs i first noticed it this morning and more have appeared since then, hes been very hot and extremely sad crying all day which is not normal at all . What could this be??

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  • Hey, I think sweat causes it. My little girl got exactly the same little spots on her face. She recently go a teddy bear snow suits which she's been wearing for walks outside. Rash appeared exactly where it covers her face. Your little one got it mostly on nappy area. Also she's been having a bit of a cold, blocked nose and discharge from her eye. Interested to see if other mums agree?

    PS. Do you have any pets at home?

  • Hmm it might be he has been really hot and irritated today :( yeah we do have 2 dogs.

  • ahh bless him, have you changed washing detergents or anything to rule out allergy?

  • No havent changed anything , think it will be a phone call to the doc in the morning maybe if it gets worse. X

  • We had a letter home from nursery today from the dept of health saying that there's a bit of an outbreak of scarlet fever at the moment. Does the rash feel rough like sandpaper? Other symptoms include flu like symptoms and a white creamy covering on the tongue.

    A short course of antibiotics sorts it, obviously I'm not trying to scare you but I though I'd mention in case the symptoms fit! There's every chance it's a heat rash, or have you started early weaning? Could also be linked.

    I hope it clears up soon xx

  • Children can get a viral rash If he is poorly as well could that. .. I'd take him to g.p just get him checked out x

  • Been to the doctor this morning and he said its a viral infection, the rash has spread up to his face but hopefully it should clear in a few days

  • I agree with pat-s, comment as he may have just got a bit of high temperature and therefore the sweat has caused some heat rash especially around his chest and tummy area.

    At 4 months old its possible you LO is also teething so he,s bound to become very irritable and hot on some days, just keep giving him plenty of fluids I.E Water and if needs be give him a bit of calpol and he should be fine.


  • What type of infection did it end up being. All three of my girls have those red dots on their belly back shoulders and face. I went to the doctor and he said he didn't know what it was. To just keep an eye on it. I'm so worried.

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