Muscle pains and changing GP?

Hi ladies, I am just over 12 weeks and have recently developed some muscle pains, I wondered if they are unique to me or if someone else might have had them... One is at the top of my chest just right of centre,near my breast (slightly lower). It gets worse throughout the day, feels like a pulled muscle almost. I've just been fitted for non wired bras and this doesn't seem to make a difference... Any ideas? The other is just an old problem in my lower middle back which has reoccurred but therefore don't think this is related although also right sided. I rang my GP today to try and get an appointment and as usual my normal doctor is booked up for a few weeks and no appointments with any other GP this week. I'm in constant pain with both and it's interfering with work so I'm very tempted to change GP surgery. Has anyone done this whilst pregnant or know if it's a good idea to do so. They rarely have appointments in the next 48 hours. Any ideas what these pains might be?? Thanks in advance x

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I had a constant pain similar to what u describe under my right boob about 2cm. It stayed for around 5/6weeks then went away on its own. While I had it, docs had me tested for all sorts but nothing gave a diagnosis. They put it down to "just a pregnancy thing' as they couldn't figure it out. I hope u have more luck than I did and get some relief soon. Maybe urs will go away same as mine did xx


Thanks Gigglysheep :-) that's reassuring. Will see if I can book in for some tests xx


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