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Thanks for everyone's advice on my post last night with regards to my babies constipation I tried so many different things but I went to my local tesco this morning and luckily pharmacist was there she advised to gently massage olive oil on her bum everytime I changed her nappy. Anyway after an hour or so guess what......she had a lovely poo on the 3rd day with no bowel movements. I couldn't of been happier :-) and little lady is perking up :-) who would of thought olive oil and bum haha. Anyway thanks again ladies xx

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  • Ahh bless so glad Mummy and baby girl feeling better! It's amazing how low your mood can get when they're not feeling well xxx

  • I know tell me about it I'm so happy that she's feeding and now having poos hopefully will continue :-) xx

  • Oh interesting. I might give that a go tomorrow as we're on day 2 now ! :-)

  • I had a few people tell me the massaging of the bum hole (forgotten what the actual name for it is haha) but only couple people said about the olive oil. I'm hoping that's what's done it as she's now been 3 times this afternoon. Try it :-) let me know how u get on x

  • Sorry, so, when you say 'bum' you do mean her anus not massaging her bottom cheeks?

  • Yes massaging her anus

  • You do realise babies not poo for a few days when little is normal??!! The oil didn't help your baby pops cos she needed too. The discomfort will be coli. Or wind. If your little ones poos are normal consistency when they do poo then they are NOT constipated. Bicycle legs for windy babies helps tho!

  • my son gets constipated and I kno its not colic.. we all kno our own babies. I give my son juice in a syringe and it helps, hes still here and nearly 6.5 months later hasn't hurt him. what works for some may not work for others but don't make people feel like they r doing wrong when they r helping their baby

  • Readytopop, were you there? How do you know the oil didn't help? A medical professional suggested it!!! And Leanne got the outcome she wanted. She knows her baby and is perfectly capable of spotting what is constipation and what is wind. They are totally different issues and present totally different symptoms!

    Leanne I'm so pleased this helped your little one! :) at least you know what works if it happens again! (But hopefully it won't!!) :) x

  • Thanks ladies. Yes I do know my daughter in the short almost 11 weeks she's been here and if she wasn't constipated before then I wouldn't of known. But this time was exactly same signs.

    I presume it worked as within hour or so she went.

    :-) xx

  • hey, my son gets constipated and we try tummy massage and push up legs sometimes helps and fruits, but hadn't heard this before. Sorry to be graphic but did you massage externally? might try it nxt time he's struggling :) olive oil seems to be the answer to all baby ailments, lol!

  • Hi

    Many people told me about massaging her bum but I thought that sounded silly but a pharmacist also said to do that but with a little olive oil. Just massage gently externally I then wipe away after but not sure whether u leave on after or not. Good luck x

  • cheerrs, I'll give it a try next time he's struggling

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