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Any advice on a quick solution?


My little girl has had several phases of what I would call constipation. And even going off my milk when I try to feed her. She goes through stages of severe crying then ok again and then starts all over again. I'm getting so down and upset and struggling to deal with her when she's like this. Doctors haven't helped or hv who just said she will be fine she doesn't need poos everyday. She's not had a poo now for 2 days and usually goes 1-2 times a day and is breastfed. Has anyone else experienced this and what advice would you give plz :-(

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After my sons injections at 16 weeks he went frm goin every day to every 3 days..its now the norm at just over 6 months.. he is also bf but now has solids. Hav u tried a little cooled boiled water or a tiny bit of juice diluted like 1 part juice to 10 parts water. .tht def helps. Also tummy massage.. failing that whenever I put him in a nice outfit he likes to do a messy nappy and ruin it. X

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Yeah she done that after her 8 week injections she's only 10 weeks so unsure what to actually try...have done tummy massages, warm bath etc but unsure what else she can have. My mum mentioned when I was younger and constipated her doctor suggested a fresh orange squeezed to teaspoon but I don't know whether can do it now. :-(

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I often I find she does that too when she's in a lovely outfit! X

My LO is 17wks, ebf and usually goes every 3-6days.

Recently I've been doing tummy massage in a clockwise direction and bicycling her legs morning and night. I've also given her a few sips of cooled boiled water to see if that helps.

my LO doesnt cry when pooing and they are very soft even after 6days but she does tend to cry with her bottom wind so I've also been using gripe water as it's an anti-flatulance.

It all seems to have worked as she has been every day for 3days! :-)

how old is your LO and does she cry when pooing? And is the poo harder?

She won't take a bottle to its even harder to try giving her water etc. she's 10 weeks and 2 days. She never cries when having a poo but 2day she's been crying when she farts sometimes I feel so helpless :-(

My LO wouldn't take a bottke either but she'd sometimes take a few sips, if not you could try a spoon or syringe.

Also try the gripe water thats good for the nasty farts!!! ;-)

I had a bf counsellor out and she said a few drops of pure apple juice or pure orange juice on cooled boiled water could work too.

It is horrid to see them struggle ;'( I just wish they could tell us what's wrong

I know it's so horrible. Thanks for your advice x

No problem. We all need as much help and advice as possible. I love this site and all the lovely ladies on here x

I've got some apple and orange juice to try but I've just managed to settle her for a bit so will try it when she's awake. I hate her not wanting my milk too makes me feel useless! This site is a lifesaver and so glad it's here x

My LO was constipated for a week at a time but was t breast fed, it was so hard to watch him. Basically I tried everything, tummy massage, bicycle legs, cooled water, fresh squeezed juice with water, warm bath, gripe water wnd coilef. In the end after all that still wasn't working & I went back to the doc and they gave him lacalose, it's a very very mild laxative which I had to give twice a day to train his bowels and once he started going nor salt reduced to once a day and then took him off it. It worked wonders and he goes at least every second day now. I was very worried about giving him something like that but actually states on the bottle can be given to babies it is very mild and the doc said some babies digestive system just needs help til they develop. Good luck, I know it's hard when they are in pain and nothing you can do. Also put abit of vasaline on her back passage.

Lactolose!!!! My little boy had the same doc said it wasn't constipation cause he was pooing every couple of days and it wasn't rock solid when he did poo but as his mum I demanded somerhing cause he was in pain! So got that and it worked within hours! But I dint use it every day like they said just half the recomended dose when he hasn't gone.

My little premmie is now 3 months. First 2 months he was fed intravenous then ebm through tube then bottle. Now I can't express enough for him and he had to go on formula. Won't breastfeed due to the early bottle feeding. While on ebm he would poo every day and often more than n once. Imagine my scare when on formula he didn't go for six days. Spoke to hv and she kept saying is normal and babies can go up to 3 weeks without a poo. I couldn't take seeing him screaming in pain anymore and took him to the gp who said baby shouldn't go more than 3 days! Now on lacalose. Last two weeks he had been pooing massive poos every 2 days. Would suggest that you go with how you feel. If you are concerned or unsure, take baby to the gp.


Hey, so sorry to hear about your LO. Mine is nearly 7 months and had his first bout of constipation a few weeks ago it was awful. On day 4 with no poo took him to GO who prescribed lactulose which did the trick. Don't know if it was coincidence but I had also given him pure OJ and water the day before. Hope she's feeling better soon xxx

This is normal for a baby not to poo for anywhere from 3-7 days when they are tiny! They are not constipated!and the discomfort is just colic and not related. Please Do not give water, juice or any other remedy. As long as when they do poo it's normal consistency they have not got constipation and that is why your gp and hv said not to worry it's normal.

Thank u for your response readytopop but I know my daughter and know she was constipated as she's been like that before but thank u for your advice

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Every mum knows their own child best and am glad u found something that worked for u and baby. Its up to u what u giv ur baby and readytopop I was given advice by medical professionals tht cooled water for constipation is ok.. my son is still here and done him no harm.. my son gets constipated sometimes and no its not colic..

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Thanks ceribean exactly x

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