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Aaargh has my milk dried up? Or is he just teething?

Recently my 14 wo LO has dropped back dramatically on the weight gain.

I've noticed he gets very angry when feeding during the day. When I express not much comes out. Can't work out if my milk is drying up.

Or could this be teething? He is very dribbly and I have heard sucking makes it worse.

To make things even tougher I haven't succeeded in getting him to take a bottle so I'm worried and really stressed that he might be going hungry!

Any advice gratefully received x

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are you making sure you eat enough and drink plenty of water? that really effects my milk supply? also get him to feed off each side every time you feed even if its only for 5 mins on one side. poor you....nothing worse than feeling like you cant feed your baby, feel for you xxxx


Thank you! I think I did drop my calorie and fluid intake a bit a couple of weeks ago but I've been making a massve effort for over a wk to no avail! X


If he's not feeding as efficiently as he was your breasts may not be getting the stimulus needed to instruct the body to produce more milk, I'm having this problem due to lo having mouth thrush and a sore throat. And I agree re food and drink. Good luck.


Thank you! That's interesting as he is very bunged up with a cold, though I think this has been going on longer... X


Hey, my LO is nearly 6 months and I have EBF & know how it is to doubt the volume of milk.

Your body becomes very efficient at making the right amount of milk for your baby, supply = demand but if you baby is about to hit or goimg through a growth spurt it can feel like they are not getting enough, they fuss, maybe get angry and want to feed more frequently, all of this in my opinion is normal. Your body may take a few days to respond and meet the demand.

Signs of teething can effect nursing so you may need to look at way to ease discomfort.

Are you getting enough fluids into you? Do you drink and nurse him? I always have water to hand. I can easily neck a pint during the night shift.

Try not to stress about your supply or you will start to believe there is a serious issue, I have known moments like this and have just stopped worrying about it. I am sure it is all fine :-) X


Thank you! Am sure stressing out doesn't help! X


Yep I am in exactly the same situation :'(

my LO is 17 wks. I had a breastfeeding counsellor come out and my milk had dropped a little as we had both been unwell but its now picked up again.

but she thought the crazy fussing, going on and off and crying ALOT could be shes teething or distracted. So now I try to feed her is a quiet room if possible.

I've also been trying teething powders (ive found ashton and parsons the best) or a cold teething ring for her to chomp on to ease her gums before feeding. Sometimes it works sometimes not! Putting tv on to the music channels seems to help though! I have a very strange child - i think she'll be damcing before she can walk!

Don't worry about it too much as being anxious yourself might put baby off. Ive been trying to just chill out more. if she won't take it I just leave her a bit longer and generally she takes it eventually


Sorry to hear you are going through the same thing! I've got some powders so will give that and the quiet room a go! X


I agree with taken them to a quiet room for feeding. My LO is six months now but from about 4 months she became distracted while feeding. She was too interested in the world around to care about boob! Even now I take here away from other people/noise etc. she feeds terribly when we are out and about. Also agree with the nutrition and fluids. Look after yourself x


Thank you! It definitely is mainly daytime feeds when it happens so I'm sure it's worth a go! X


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