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37 weeks pregnant and feeling very nauseous

Hi all, I am 37 weeks pregnant and in the past couple of days i've been feeling very nauseous - can anyone relate to this? I don't remember feeling like this with my boys (now aged 6 and 9). I am 36 so age is against me this time and we have had a rocky road up to this point. At the 12 week scan we were told we had a high risk of downs then a blood test came back saying 1 in 3 chance of downs so then I had a CVS and had all sorts of genetic testing as well as 2 fetal heart scans and finally after waiting nervously for 8 weeks we were told at 20 weeks that all was OK and we were having a little girl!! She is now breech so I have a final scan tomorrow and then we will book me in for c-section.

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Ahh Happy that everything worked out for u and ur little girl will be here very soon! !! My friend had sickness at the end but not right at the end maybe it's a sign that she is on her way! X


Hey, I had this too. I didn't get any morning sickness. When I spoke to midwife she said it's really common due to the rise in hormones at the end of your pregnancy. Hope you don't feel too bad xxx


When I got sick at end of my 2nd pregnancy it turned out to be a symptom of anaemia, had to really push hard to get consultant and midwife to listen to me when I said I kept being sick and felt pretty horrendous.


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