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4 days late.. am i pregnant

Hi there.

i am 24 i already have a son aged 4. My period comes exactly on time each month which would have been sunday 9th march 2014. Had my usual cramping day befor andday of due period but nothing cramped for 2 days after then today 13th march.. noticed slightest bit of blood after gping to the toilet.. kind of pinkish in colour not as red as normal... my last period was on time 9th feb 2014 and lasts for my usual 5 days.. my breast have also been sore itchy and a burning sensation.. done a pregnacy test this morning 13th march and was negative..should i wait longer and test or am i possibly not pregnant

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Hi, have u book an appointment with ur doctor or nurse. So a bloodtest can been arrange to confirm if u r pregnant? Good luck.


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