Feeling positive and excited :D

Less than 9 weeks left till our due date and I'm feeling SO excited to meet our little girl.

My other half took a long time to come round to our situation and I honestly thought that he wouldn't be happy or excited until he met her or maybe even after that.

I know he's still of the opinion that this isnt the best course of action for us, but last night he turned round to me and said he's excited and ready to meet her now. We went shopping together for little clothes too and he didnt look like he wanted to vomit! for us, that is a major achievement. We've chosen a name for her and at night time he talks to my tummy and gives her a kiss. something I NEVER thought that we'd get to enjoy in this pregnancy. It makes me so happy.

I wanted to share this positive post with anyone who might be going through a similar situation in early pregnancy. Its very hard to feel like you're either letting your child or your other half down one way or another. I know I did the right thing keeping her and I think he's starting to understand that now.

When all said and done, the real moral is of the story is 'dont get pissed on holiday and forget to use a condom but if you do, stick by your gut feeling and try to remain positive.'

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Awwrrh! im so glad for you as just by reading this post i can tell you,re so happy and in a good place,

i remember feeling like this in the last few weeks to my daughter being born "she,s now 4 months old" and in the beginning my hubby was a bit worried about having a Lil girl but I can honestly say my hubby is a changed man since she,s being born.

wish you all the best for the birth and beyond.



What a lovely post! And fab news about your other half being happy about clothes shopping and talking to your bump - my OH is excited and we've got a name chosen, but I'm hoping we can make a regular thing of talking to bump! I don't think he'll ever get excited about shopping for baby clothes though - boo! I've got 14 weeks left :-O X


Lol ahhhh I'm really happy for u it means so much when they are supportive xx


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