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Anybody round 32 weeks pregnant...

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Hey anyone around 32 a FTM.. just wondering how people are feeling at the moment? feeling abit nervous about the whole thing ...not sure what to expect atol....anyone feeling the same .. !!

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Hi! Yeah I'm 32 weeks and 5 days! I feel exactly the same. I seem to rocket between excited and v nervous, washing baby stuff and thinking we've got loads to the next day convincing myself we have nothing! Hormones and not knowing what to expect I think. I hope we're normal lol x

yeah im feeling excited but v nervous too. my sister has had her baby recently with tons of baby clothes not even wore so i have all them but i went out for the 1st time and bought the baby her first outfit from me and the i know my hormones are all over the place.. but i said to the husband i think my hormones are getting abit better and he just give me a funny had a really bad foot cramp last nite that i nearly jumped of the and it lasted about 15 not sure when i have to do a birthplan.. midwife hasnt really mentioned it yet..x

Hi, I'm 33 weeks and the same. Rock between excited and nervous as anything. Am very emotional, can cry at anything and I'm knackered!

I am exactly the same. Extremely excited but also extremely nervous.

I'm 32 weeks and can't wait for the backache to disappear xx

I hope this information will be helpful to you.


It's good to know what we're feeling is normal, well normal for a pregnant woman lol. I'm v tired as well but I think part of that is spd which wakes me up wen I turn over at night. Not long left and these sleepless nights will have been good training :)

would you believe it.. im probably going to jinx myself now.. but ive had no back pain through my pregnancy...and it said on that link above that this could be a sign of early must tell the midwife at my next appointment just in case..everything i go to do is just feeling like a chore even turning round in the good luck girls and keep me updated on how you s are getting on..its nice to talk to others that are going through the same thing..:)xx

Hi I'm 31 weeks. I'm so excited to meet our little girl and part of me is wishing away the next 9 weeks, but the other half knows how much there still is to do and is very aware of only 9 more weeks of sleep! I'm torn between wanting more and less time before she arrives. The thing I feel most nervous about is leaving work and handing over to someone else to look after my job. The baby stuff seems fine compared to that. Anyone else having leaving work anxiety?

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I've replied below x

I've left already. I have a physical job with some horrific hours and the more tired I get the more nauseous I get. I'm actually on annual leave at the moment.

Most of my work will be done by others as 5 of us do my job but it was weird handing over my more specific roles, I feel very protective over them.

My last day was ever so emotional for me. I sobbed most of the day as said some goodbyes to a client who won't be alive when I go back(just awful) but I think mostly it's not leaving your job behind it's the monumental reason why you are leaving that smacks you in the face like a pan!

Hi all. I'm 32+3 now and am feeling exactly what you all are! Very reassuring. We've not long moved house and have just had kitchen, bathroom etc ripped out and replaced. On to the painting now but the house is like a building site. I'm worried our baby will arrive before everything's ready. Just need to keep my legs crossed lol! X

For those with back ache and hip pain, try a silky night dress (doesn't have to be silk),it makes moving in bed so much easier. I'm 24 weeks, wishing I was at 32 or more. Love being pregnant though

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