I think I have flu and now worried I've harmed my unborn child

My little boy was really ill last week, he is over it now, but I think I've caught his bug. I'm hot feel achy and have a chesty cough, I've read that flu can cause lots if problems to unborn children. I'm inly 8 weeks so worried sick I've damaged him/her. I know I should go to the docs which I plan to tomorrow morning- feeling helpless

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I think it's the high temperature associated with flu that's the problem -but unsure joe significant that would be at 8weeks. Hopefully your GP can put your mind at rest .


Flu during pregnancy comes with an elevated risk of respiratory problems and infections such as pneumonia. The main danger is to you because your immune system works differently whilst pregnant. Also, flu is rarer than people think, it is completely exhausting and debilitating. Fingers crossed you have a nasty bug and everything will be fine. When you see the doctor book a.Flu vaccine to put your Mind at rest. Take care.


Hi hope your feeling better, I had gastroenteritis at 8 to 9 wks (stomach flu) and I had a high temperature and everything ached liked crazy I went to the doctors and they told me to rest, I had my 1st scan a couple of weeks later and everything seemed fine, try to rest I know it's not easy with a Lo but it will do you the world of good. Take care and feel better x


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