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8 months old baby not rolling over, crawling,should I be worried?

Hello mums my LO has been sitting up since 6 months old but she's neither rolling over nor showing signs of crawling shes 8 months old tmr.isnt she too late?

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Try not to worry yourself too much, some babies just take that little bit longer than others & it's no big deal. It's all too easy to compare friends babies to our own & panic. Have you looked up any little games or activities you can do with her to try & help her along?

Might be worth giving your hv a call just to put your mind at rest, or mention it at her 9month check if she hasn't started by then xx

I agree with cheekymonkey85! All babies develop at different rates. Is she interactive, making eye contact, laughing, smiling at you etc? Do lots of tummy play with her to try and encourage her to crawl, but don't fret if she doesn't some babies don't bother with crawling and just go straight to walking!! Xx

Hi Azelia,

Its important to remember that every child is different & there's no point in comparing your baby to what you might have read online or in a magazine as most of the information are guides & assumptions.

Whenever you're at home with no much to do you could try laying a blanket on the floor & whilst you are sitting down next to your Lil one try putting her on her down on blanket on her belly with her arms / hands in front of her & she may just surprise you.


Thanks ladies !!shes got a play area in the lounge with a blanket on but she really hates tummy time!!shes laughing, talking dadada a lot and she's very responsive it's just the rolling over and the crawling!!maybe she will just go straight to walking!!

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It's a good sign the reacts normally, so I don't think you have anything to worry about, and the fact she sits too! My little boy hated tummy time when he couldn't roll back! He would scream blue murder lol. Does she have a walker/door bouncer? She is certainty old enough for one and it will encourage her to have leg strength when she does get going! Hugo loves his walker! :) x

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How is your baby now? My 8 month old baby girl seems very bright in every way but is not rolling over or crawling, etc. I'd love to hear how your little one is doing a year later. I'm inclined to think my little one is just not into rolling over but I can't help but be a bit worried that she's not keeping up with her twin sister...

Hi chelseasmom just want to follow up on your daughter and her crawling. Im concerned about mine as she is 9 months and hates tummy time and not interested in crawling. She sits very well and just wants to play sittinf down. How long did your eventually take ?

Hey, my wee ones nine months and doesn't like being on his tummy either. He rolled over a few times and hasn't done it again ever since and no signs of crawling either. I think different babies develop at different things at different times, he's happy sitting or bouncing and in the mean time we encourage him to walk or have tummy time with our help and cheers. They'll get their way about in their own time :) I'd try not to worry about it x

Mine never really rolled as I never really gave them much tummy time... and my second daughter didnt crawl till she was 10 months and didn't walk till she was 17 1/2 months where all my others crawled amd walked around 7-8 months walking by a year-15 months... dr said they would of

investigated it over 18 months and she is 16 now and fine :) if u have any concerns have a chat with ur hv that's what they are there for! And some babies don'tcrawl they bum shuffle amd somejust walk xX

Thanks for all replies my mind is at ease now hopefully she will be on the move yet xx

I was just reading up about this last night as (sorry ...) my daughter is 18 weeks today and is rolling (front to back and back to front) like there is no tomorrow. A friend's daughter is 10 months and she said hers is only just attempting the back to front roll.

Well, the information I read last night says that babies are generally starting to roll later these days as it is drummed into us to put them 'back to sleep' rather than on their front so their arms are not gaining the strength quite as early as they used to when it was common to put them on their front. I think this is why the HV are always banging on about tummy time.

A lot of babies don't crawl either - as mummy mummy says, some do a bum shuffle then start to walk missing out the crawling stage.

I agree with the above, if you are really concerned, speak to your HV but it's really nothing to be concerned about at this stage.

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Oh maybe that's the case because obviously when she was born we were advised that she sleeps on her back and that's the case up to now I've tried tummy time but she's always hated it and panics a lot with it ya I will speak to hv

Just felt like sharing with you my experience. My first never once crawled or rolled over. She was quite content to just sit and play with the toys within her reach. Her first movements were pulling herself up and holding onto the furniture so that she could get from a to b. I will forever remember watching her first steps unaided. I was with my daughter in the kitchen, she was holding onto the fridge, I simply said 'go and walk to daddy' she let go of the fridge and walked in a straight line as sturdy as ever right into the front room without so much as a wobble. She was 20 months old. She was diagnosed with mild dyspraxia at the age of 3. I've had 3 more children since and they were all ok with their physical development. I like to think that my first was special because of how different she was to my others and it made her first steps imprint on my memory. I remember how old my others were when they managed to walk but I have forgotten the exact memory of their first steps.

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What a lovely story! :) x

Babies all do different things so try not to worry. My sister didn't crawl and rarely rolled. She just suddenly started to pull herself up one day and at 9 months she was walking. My partner was apparently like this too.....I hope my baby crawls or something first, I can't imagine him walking around in only 3 months time!! Lol x

Hi. My LG is nearly 8 months old. She has only just started to roll over but cant sit up on her own or crawl!!! I think they all progress differently. I wouldn't worry, theyll do it in their own time. X

Hi mamas, it's a good to read you and know my baby is not the only one. My 8 month baby is not rolling either but she's very attentive and likes to play and interact with other people. The problem is that our pediatrician is concerned and sent physical therapy, which she hates. She was diagnosed with low muscle tone, altough I disagree with the diagnose and think she just needs some more time, but at the same time I get afraid thinking what if she does have low muscle tone...

At the age of around 3 months, when put on his stomach, your infant will lift his head and shoulders high, utilizing his arms for backing. The smaller than usual pushup helps to reinforce the muscles which he'll use to roll over. for more information please visit this site momycenter.com/when-do-babi...

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