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Extra hungry milk for a 7 week old!?

Hello everyone! So Ava's nearly 7 weeks (where has the time gone!?) she has about 6 4oz bottles a day but sometimes doesn't seem satisfied! She always has her hands in her mouth even after downing a 4oz bottle so I'm unsure as to weather the normal milk is enough for her and weather to put her on extra hungry baby milk? She hardly naps in the day anymore, as soon as I put her down she wakes up so I'm thinking she's just constantly hungry and therefore I settled!?

Any advice or recmedations would be great! :) x

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Hi hun maybe try an increase the oz you give her ? Hungry baby milk will be thicker and lay heavy in her tummy and could cause contispation etc plus she's still tiny so I would try upping the feeds first :) also fingers and hands in the mouth is pretty normal development and doesn't mean she's hungry my lil man who's now 5 months old was like that when he discovered his tongue basically licking every thing and anything !! He's still like that now lol, hope that helps ? Xx


Thanks Hun that's been a great help :) x


I agree up the ozs instead, she is still taking small feeds and hungry milk would prob constipate her. What weight is she? A hv told me a baby should be getting at least 2 1/2 times the number of pounds they are and if they want more give it cos they will push the bottle out when they have had enough.


Hi Embee,

Its amazing how time does fly isn't it

At 7 wks old she may well be going through what is known as a growth spurt & therefore feels more hungry than usual.

If you don't mind me asking what formula do you buy / give her? As some brands of formula are a bit more " filling" than others.

Before you do decide to change to the " hungrier stage" Have you tried maybe giving her 5 Oz's of formula with the milk you're already using?

If so, it should be fine to start giving her the stage 2 hungier baby formula as soon as possible.



Thanks ladies that's helped a lot :) I will definitely try increasing the ozs before putting her on the hungry baby milk :)

Littlebean when she was weighed 2 weeks ago she was 10lbs exactly so not sure what she is now until she's weighed again next week.

Abeena she's on cow and gate formula so I'll try upping her feeds to 5oz first :)


I would say giving her extra will make a difference, cow & gate is supposed to be a heavier formula anyway and abenaa is prob right about the spurt. Good luck x


The amount of formula they tell you to give babies is only a guideline, who knows how much breast milk breast fed babies have and my favourite mantra from little baby days is "they're all different, so what's right for one might not be for another". My HV said hungry baby milk isn't good for them as it fills them up but doesn't give them all the nutrients they need. Growth spurt seems very likely, might be why she isn't napping as well too.


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