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5 weeks pregnant, 12 days after missed period but no symptoms is this normal?


I have a positive HPT but no ms, sore breasts etc. I'm worried something is wrong, I have heardthat if you don't get ms you are more at risk of miscarriage

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Perfectly normal at this stage, some have symptoms this early but many don't. Congratulations.

Don't worry yourself Hun, I had very few symptoms & now have a healthy, happy 6 week old baby girl :) xx

My morning sickness didn't start til 9wks. All I had at 5wks was extreme tiredness and menstrual cramps. Felt like I was due on. Don't worry if u lack symptoms, this does not mean ur at any heightened risk of miscarriage. Id be counting my lucky stars Hehe. Congrats on pregnancy :) x

I'm worried as it's my first baby and I'm only 17 years old I have no symptoms yet but got 2 positive results

If ur worried then see a doctor

It's a load of b0ll0cks. When I first joined this forum a year ago, it was full of people claiming lack of symptoms meant a higher risk of miscarriage. I stamped on those theories!

I had no morning sickness, no cravings but did have sore boobs from about 7 weeks.

I did have lightheaded spells before I had a positive pregnancy result - usually only if I stood up suddenly. People tried to say it was impossible to have that so early. Bloody annoys me...

Anyway lol, congratulations and good luck in your pregnancy - hope you are lucky to avoid morning sickness like I was ;)


27weeks pregnant here and no morning sickness whatsoever!! Only 50% of mums to be get morning sickness!!


I had absolutely no hint of morning sickness and had a very healthy pregnancy without a single issue. The only symptom I had was sore boobs but this was only for a few weeks and went completely by week 8. When I told midwife at 8 weeks I was worried about lack of symptoms she thought I was crazy!

Congratulations, enjoy it xx


I had no pregnancy symptoms ( other than getting bigger!) throughout my entire pregnancy and little one is fine.

It's normally I only got morning sickness from 6 weeks and it was very mild, it all depends on how you eat. During my first I had morning sickness really bad but I are differently and was stressed so stay relaxed and look forward to your first scan-

Lack of symptoms does not mean an increase in miscarriage risk. I think it's reassuring for people who are sick as a chip to know its because of the rise in hormones that they feel so rough and is no reflection on those that don't.

Enjoy it though. I've been nauseous and vomited since 6 weeks and although it's much better now and I can actually eat better at 33weeks it's still a daily curse.


Thanks everyone. I guess I should be counting my blessings x


i had slight nausea with my son for a few weeks & sore breasts from the off , gained about 3 stone overall ... with my daugher nothing till about 8 weeks then wow was i sick from there on morning & night , had a couple of hrs in the afternoon i could stomach anything, then lucky if it stayed down for the night !!!! i actually lost weight over the pregnancy !!! i was really worried to start with at the lack of symptoms as i had them with my 1st , boy did it come back to bite me on my bum. no 2 pregnancys are the same even when its the same person ... symptoms dont mean anything .

good luck

I agree with the others totally normal. With my 1st I was sick 24/7 to start had all the classic signs but this time round not a thing!

Well said ladies. I had no symptoms and I'm sitting here with a 14 week old! I googled myself into a frenzy of worry for nothing! Xx

Felt nothing until 6 weeks then it was sick day and night for me. Some are lucky and dont get sick at all. Good luck!! Congrats

I am 3 weeks late, I was having cramping thinking for sure I'd start, we're in a new month and still thinking maybe I just skipped a month. I'm still waiting, My fiance'e keeps telling me I'm pregnant, but I have to wonder because I have no other symptoms that tell me so. I do get lightheaded sometimes getting up, but other than that nothing. I've taken a pregnancy test it came up negative, but I've read alot of stories where women have taken multipile tests that come out negative, then find out they are pregnant. Could there be something else going on with me?It's kinda nice to hear there are women that don't have symptoms. It's encouraging.

i been late on my period for 12days i been tried and only threw up once i got mild cramps can i be pregnant?

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