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Cooled boiled water.? My LO is exclusively breastfed but is only going poo every 3-6 days with lots of wind which seems to really bother her

She cries alot with her wind and is waking through the night hourly because of it. I saw my GP and he suggested cooled boiled water.

So when do I give it? Ive read online to give 1oz inbetween feeds. Is this right?

also how long can cooled boiled water be left in a bottle? Can I use it all day?

thanks everyone x

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I'm guessing your Lil one has a bit of trouble bringing-up her wind after her feeds so even though I agree with your G.p & try giving her some cooled boiled water in a feeding bottle throughout the day, have you considered or tried giving her some gripe water before or after every feed?

My daughter who is now 4 months old used to & still is at times a bit stubborn when bringing up her wind after a feed & when she was 4 wks of age I resulted in giving her just a little bit of gripe water before every feed as just like your LO was getting really unsettled at night & I found this method quite effective.

As for the cooled boiled water ( depending on what size bottle you're using) it's fine to use / give her the same water throughout the day & change or refill the bottle with some fresh water the next day.


Yes she's not great at bringing up wind but its the bottom wind that wakes her up throughout the night.

She's 4months old aswell. She was on colief but we stopped that a while back as the colic improved.

ive been trying gripe water for the past 2days but not really noticed a difference but I have been using it after feeds. I'll try before feeds and see if that helps

thanks very much x


Just to let you know you're not alone! My LO is also 4 months & also suffers from bottom wind that wakes him up regularly during the night. Sometimes every hour or two but it gets worse as the night goes on. I dont burp him after his feeds at night time as feeding puts him to sleep & I would wake him if I burp him. I was wondering whether this was the issue but I'm not sure it matters actually. I think I'll try water as well. Would you give it at any point during the night between feeds or just during the day? X


Yesssssss! Thats exactly the same as my LO. She feeds once or twice a night but I don't wind her.

Just doing the water during the day. But she's not used to the bottle so only really sipping it! That's my next battle - trying to get her to take the bottle! !!


There's always a challenge isn't there! I'm lucky that he's fine with a bottle so think I'll give it a try tomorrow. I might dilute some gripe water in it as well as he always choked on it if I give it to him in a syringe. I find that feeding him is sometimes the only way to settle him at night as breast milk aids their digestion so there's no set pattern to his night feeds at all. I'm really hoping nature takes it's course & it settles down soon, I haven't got more than 3 hours sleep in a row since he was born & i'm convinced it's all because of his wind!! X


I think I was tricked ....... as I did have a few weeks of sleeping from 10pm -6am. Then this last month she has been waking up frpm 1am hourly. Its a killer, I'm so sooooo exhausted now :-(

just when you think you've cracked it, it all changes again.


My lo was the same so I started winding him at night before he finished the bottle even if he was sleeping. It would wake him a little but what was left of the bottle would then put him to back to sleep. My experience was leaving him to sleep with wind was the problem. Good luck


My baby is 16 week and gets real baby belly ache and find he only poo's every other day. I give him infacol before each feed which makes them gather the gas bubbles quicker and have a good burp after each feed. I know this is an old fashioned way of doing things but for belly ache I give a little drink of warm water with a tiny bit of sugar in it and every time he manages to fill his nappy, suppose it's like when we drink tea or coffee on a morning.


My sister breastfed her baby and he was always crying. Someone suggested that she cut out all dairy products from her diet and this helped him alot. Worth trying.

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A breastfed baby should never need water at all for any reason until they start eating solid foods at around 6 months. A baby should be passing at least 2 stools in 24 hours everyday until they are 6 weeks old. After 6 weeks that changes and a baby will get into it's own pattern. As long as the baby is happy and still gaining weight then the amount of stools passed is not a problem after 6 weeks. Wind coming out of 'the bottom end' is also completely normal for a breastfed baby. They usually don't take in lots of air when they feed as you don't have air in your breasts so the small amount they take in usually passes out of the bottom end. If they are taking in lots of air then just check that baby is latched properly and not sliding off the breast when feeding. Also, food that you eat can also have an effect on baby. Certain foods can sometimes bother babies tummy, just something to keep in mind ;)


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