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Teething at 3 weeks old?!?!?

My little one has just turned 3 weeks old...over the past few days he's suffered with I started him on infacol and cool boiled water. Then today I noticed that he has been drooling a lot....all day, and when I thought he was rooting, it turns out he didn't want to eat, he just wanted to chew on my fingers for ages....followed by bouts of whimpering. Is it possible that he could be teething? I can't really prise his mouth open and have a proper look but his gums do look a little white in some areas...anyone else experienced the same? Thanks

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I am having similar but at 5wks. White gums and chewing on my fingers and a new found interest in the dummy (she usually spits it out). I was as shocked as u! Speak to pharmacist as we were given bonjela to use x


This is a common age for oral thrush ...if your BF'ing are you having any problems with pain? Also LO's can get red little bottoms :-( I found myself trying to look in mouth when my LO was crying


They do say that babies teeth the whole time, basically from birth. I think 3 weeks old is a little early to be full on teething though. My daughter was the same x


My 7 months old has been teething ever since she was born - Yet not even a single tooth has broken out.

Over the couple of days you would be able to see the pink gums turning little white and bulgy at some places (it is just the tooth taking its place inside of the gum) when will it actually break out (and if that would be worse than this) is altogether a different question.

With my daughter I can clearly feel her teeth inside of her gum but there is no opening or breaking out sign yet (also she is not drooling as much as she was from 1 month to 5 months) so I think we still have to wait

Meanwhile I love that toothless smile :D


My son has 2 nearly 3 teeth at 6 months. Babies can b born with teeth so yep its possible. . Before the teeth come through their gums r tingling and very irritated and so chomping on the fingers is a way of helping plus exploring their mouth with fingers. My sons teeth r vicious. .I hav a bite mark on my hand and his grandma has a bruised shoulder where he took a chomp lol. Xx


Wow that is younht, your poor lo. I reccommend these teething nuittens


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