23+5 weeks and little girl went quiet then started kicking frantically

Last night i was panicking when I felt very little movement, no response to cold water one light kick when ate and very small almost imperceptible other movements generally. This lasted for over two hours then got two or three light kicks before she started moving like she never has before for about 10 or fifteen minutes. The rest of the night and today she is moving normally. I don't know if I just worked myself into a panic or what. Has anyone else experienced this? I guess it's too early to to be too worried about movement?

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I wouldn't worry too much if I were you - I've been noting down movement, but not noticed any definite pattern. Could be down to a growth spurt, or if you're busy/on the go? My MW advised me to not get too obsessed with timings etc (especially if you've got a lot on), but to devote about an hour of your day 'tuning in'. Enjoy those kicks! X


There's a simple explanation for this - how your baby is laid. As you're still quite early on your baby has plenty of room for spins, twists and somersaults and will constantly be shifting positions. You're most likely to feel movements and kicks when your baby has her back to yours and the hands and feet are facing outwards. When she turns to face your back you're less likely to feel kicks and wriggles.

By the time you hit about 30-32 weeks you'll be more likely to notice a routine, especially if you have a routine yourself. Until then the only time you need worry is if you go a complete 24 hour period without feeling ANY movement at all, then I'd suggest contacting your midwife for reassurance. I'm waiting for baby 4 to make her appearance (she's now 10 days over ^^ ) and have discovered babies seem to have "busy days" and "lazy days" Let's face it, everyone has a day where they really don't want to do anything - unborns are the same!

The best way to get a wriggle out of your baby is a combination of warm bath and ice cold drink. Try not to do this too often as it can set up a routine where you'll only get wriggles with that happening when ideally you want baby to be moving happily without poking her to do so.

On average most midwives tell you feeling 10 or more kicks and movements a day (a single 24 hour period) is what you're after. Less than this and I'd contact your midwife just to put your mind at ease. (Most will ask you to come into the surgery or arrange to visit you to do a quick heartbeat check and make sure everythings ok)

Hope this has helped!


Perhaps its just me but when i got very anxious about baby movements or a work presentation etc i had a big adrenalin release and baby would go mental, then go quiet afterwards.


I'm 29 weeks and I experienced the same as you before. It would get to the end of the day and I hadn't felt any movement which would make me panic. Then she would start moving around a lot all of a sudden. Literally a movement per second. I was very worried about this but friends reassured me that everything was fine. This started to happen around a month ago. Now I feel my baby move more regularly throughout the day and her kicks have become stronger. Sometimes I even want her to stop moving around so much because it can begin to feel a bit too uncomfortable lol. Babies are little monkeys! I'm sure that you will feel more movement in a couple of weeks just as I did.



It just sounds as if your baby decided to have a busy moment to me

I think it depends on what position your baby is lying in the womb at 23- to about 28 wks of gestation they seems to have quite a lot of room for practicing their kicks & somersaults.

I remember during my last pregnancy last year that my daughter was the same then at about 29 - 30 wks decided to be upside down & kicking her knees or feet into the top of my ribs "ouch! "

So, enjoy it while you can as it sounds completely normal to me.



Thanks for the advice, she does have a loose routine already that she has been following now for a few weeks and this was unusual. Reacting to adrenaline makes sense I was pretty wired. I am used to not feeling anything when I'm busy, that's normal. I am sure everything is fine she didn't stop kicking all last evening. But I am glad to know others have experienced the same and its been ok. After having had a stillbirth its sometimes difficult not to worry. Thank you for the reassurance


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