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Hi lovely ladies! I need your advice on membrane sweeps & induction please - getting anxious!

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I am nearly 38 weeks with my first child (and 40 years old) and have been booked in for an induction on my due date (Sun 23rd March). I have discussed this with my midwife and she's explained that due to my age and the risk for stillbirth they want to induce at 40 weeks, which i'm fine about now but did say that i'd prefer it if baby comes naturally. She spoke to the consultant and we have now agreed for me to go in for a membrane sweep on the 17th (in my 40th week). I'm a bit anxious A: it's happening so fast ! & B: I've been reading about sweeps & inductions (as you do) and just wondered how common you have found the sweeps in bringing on labour?

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My notes from the hospital say sweeps are 10% effective. But for those 10% must be awesome!

I'm in last 7 weeks and I can't wait not to be pregnant but also just so not ready.

Good luck.

Congratulations!!!! I have never had the membrane sweep but I have been induced 3 times with each of my girls. My first daughter I had Demerol and would never have that again. My 2nd and 3rd daughter I had nothing and my 3rd was a very fast delivery lasting 46 mins from first contraction to holding her. I did not mind being induced at all and I didn't think it was all that bad. I am due to have my 4th and final baby (A BOY!!! YAY!!) on March 28th. So far there is nothing going on so we may be inducing with him as well. I wish you the best of luck for a quick and painless delivery! Congrats again!

Hi I was given a sweep and induced at same time & went into labour 6 hrs later. When they examined me 1st midwife said that my cervix was thinned and already about 1cm so that if I had been given a sweep prior to being 12 days over it is likely that I would have gone into labour naturally. From what i gather if your body has already started to make changes ready for labour it is likely a sweep will work so I would ask what they think when they examine you.good luck x

Hi I'm 40+5 had membrane sweep yesterday midwife ssid i was 2-3 cm but still nothing has happened, good luck xx

I had a sweep at 40 weeks and my waters broke as she was doing it !!! Very embarrassing but 8hrs 45 mins later my ill man was here :) she was also very gentle while doing the sweep and it didn't hurt at all, giving birth on the other hand was a different story lol good luck xxx

Although I didn't have a sweep I was induced (I'm 44). For me the process was v quick, just 7 hrs from Propess pessary to delivery, with just gas and air. I'm really happy with how everything went. I just say this in case you've read lots of horror stories about induction.

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I had 3 sweeps and despite having a show...no labour. Ended up being induced at 40 + 2. I wanted a water birth; I got no water birth. But actually, it was fine and I wouldn't change anything. I was induced with the pessary at 1pm ish & sent away for lunch. Walking back about 3pm I felt the start of something. Slow build up over the evening & gave birth at 1115 the next morning -after having waters broken & being put on hormone drip. Once baby is out you won't care how it all happened! Good luck xx

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PS: My tip to you -find some flights of stairs at the hospital & keep walking up and down to speed up labour.

Thank you all, great advice & help as always xxxxxxxxxx

I had 4 sweeps and despite being 2-3 cm dialated from 38 weeks still had to be induced at 41+6. My main piece of advice would be that you need to be prepared for how long it may take, both long and very short. I was asked to come into hospital to be induced but after checking me and deciding I was so far gone I didn't need the pessary, they just needed to break my waters, but that meant waiting for a bed on the labour ward and as someone not actually in labour I was the lowest priority and waited for a bed for 3 days. In that time I saw loads of women come and go who were being induced some who progressed really quickly, others who nothing happened with after 24 hrs. When I finally got up to labour ward I actually didn't have any waters so they had disappeared without me knowing at some point during that 3 days (so make sure somebody checks you regularly, I was not checked at any point between arriving and going up, so easily could have ended up with an infection or worse) I was given the 6hr pessary to soften my cervix slightly and went into labour 2 hrs later, and gave birth 3 hours after that. Labour was very intense as it happened so fast and though I got through it with gas and air, I think this was only because it hit me so hard because I hadn't slept in 3 days, so think about your pain relief. I also have a few friends who ended up having a C-section after being induced, one of which was under general as she hadn't had an epidural for pain and there was no time.

Hope this helps.


I was given a sweep with my first when I was 41 weeks, I had been booked in for an induction for 4 days later if nothing happened anyway the next day it all kicked off on its own and 24hours after that my son arrived. It works for some and doesn't for others if guess it's all down to your baby!!

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