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Daddy takes all the glory!!!

OK all, now before I start I would just like to say this is not a criticism of Daddy's child care rather an amusing observation....

So LO is 6 months old and during this time and for the next 3 months we agreed that I would do the majority of the child are given that my husband is working hard to support our little family. Daddy does a great job of helping out whenever he can and giving Mummy a rest but I have done all the 'nitty gritty' including bedtime routine, night feeds and nappy changes. We have a beautiful little boy who has a happy disposition, a joy to look after and so far has been a very contented sleeper.

So......we go to meet my BIL and his wife on Saturday and some friends in the afternoon. Daddy jumps at the chance to show off his feeding skills and tell all about how well our son sleeps, how well he's taken to solids etc etc...followed by copious amounts of praise and admiration from our friends and family - wow what a great Daddy you are and what a beautiful little boy.

Uhhh 'hello'??!!!!!! What about Mummy?????

I know that Daddy is just so proud of LO and wants to tell everyone how he's doing and show how much he loves him but it does make me chuckle at how he swoops in to take all the glory - men!!!!!!!

Still I love him all the same and couldn't wish for a better Daddy or husband.

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LMAO, I here you...

As you know, my husband is in the army so isn't here so I'm mummy & daddy for now but when he was last home for xmas & new year, he didn't get his hands dirty once. If I was getting ready in the bedroom and she started crying, he'd bring her into me with his arms stretched "here, she's squawking". His role consisted of carrying her to the car in her carseat or pushing the pram. UNTIL, we were at my parents when he'd pick her up and give her some cuddles and feed her.

He's going to be home in a couple of weeks for a week so we'll see if anything changes now she is older and interacting. He's going to be home permanently in April (whoop) but he's already panicking as 3 days after he is home, it's my sisters hen do and he's going to have to 'babysit' his daughter. I have no doubt he will be just fine but my only worry is that she is getting a bit clingy and has been a bit strange with people she doesn't know too well....I think my night out might be cut short a bit.

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I looked after my LO on my own for 5 weeks and it's so hard so well done you Mummy.

Don't they make you laugh when they suddenly start showing off their parenting skills! Bless.

My LO started getting 'stranger anxiety' but it doesn't seem to have lasted long so hopefully you'll be fine for your party!xx


I've not found it hard, I'm actually revelling in it :) She is a dream baby, so happy and laughing all the time. She sleeps through so I'm not sleep deprived. She lets me know when she wants attention and does cry but not so much that I'm stressing. I know I'm so lucky - this will all probably change when she starts toddling - I'll probably get hit hard by the 'terrible twos' lol. I'm going back to work at the end of May and dreading it, I just want to be with her. <3 x


Daddy also gets the biggest smiles when he walks through the door at the end of the day! X


Haha, :)

Typical men really isn't it to take all the glory.

As much as I do luv when my other half / kids father helps out he also has this kinda smug look & behavior for a few days after.

" try giving birth to the Lil darlings is what I say"

LOL! :)


Absolutely right Abeena!!! Men in labour really wouldn't work!!x


Oooh when they say they're "babysitting" that really riles me. It's not babysitting if it is your own child - that's parenting! My husband has already been told that if I hear that word when our daughter is born (I'm 34+5), he's in trouble! :-)


My husband didn't say he was babysitting. I used it as a lighthearted comment.

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Oh well that's good. :-)


Armywag, love the squawking bit! Did make me chuckle - men!xx


i am probably the luckiest mummy, my other half loves being with kids, i have 3y8m boy and 6w girl. after returning home with my girl i was taken back to hospital with womb infection and hubby stayed at home with both kids, he loved it. he bathes son and changes nappies and feed daughter, cooks dinner, does laundry, cleans house. i often get to have bit of time to myself he even does night feeds.


My daughter, wont get changed if mum is not changing, wont get fed if mum is not feeding wont take a spoon of puree from daddy if mum is not around - and yet when daddy enters the room she chukels and starts crying immediately as if I am the evil lady holding her and dad in the shining knight armour has to rescue his lovely little princess from the evil mum.

All the family is so much praise for daddy and daughter and the poor mum just go on reminding Isabella, Isabella my darling I am your mum not your slave !


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