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it has been a long journey so far and i'm really really nervous right now ,i really dont want to feel too much pain so im planning on having an epidural....your advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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I'm sure nearly every mum & mum to be would say the run up to giving birth to a child is very nerve wraking & a bit worrying as it's just so unpredictable, but i would honestly say please try not to worry or plan too much ahead.

There's no doubt child birth is most likely going to be the most painful thing you'll ever encounter but depending on the size of your baby he or she could be able to push out with just the help of gas & air or entonox.


Good luck & I'll be looking out for your post here on your birth experience.. :)


Try and have faith and trust in your body's ability its what we are built to do. You will be surprised how you do manage! If a epidural is for you then that's completely fine . got to do what's best for you xx good luck :-D x


I pretty much knew I'd be having an epidural. It was even in my birth plan. I have had so many extremely painful experiences in my life, and live with pain on a daily basis, I didn't see the point in putting myself through it if I didn't have to. You don't get a prize for going without pain relief and it certainly doesn't make you a better mum or make your baby love you any more!!

After 18 hours of labour, the last 6 on gas and air I had my epidural. I was in so much pain and had been awake 27 hours, I was beyond exhausted! I think the staff were actually relieved as baby was in distress. Best thing I did as I had to have several very invasive tests taking blood samples from my son's head while he was still right inside my womb!

When I got mine, I couldn't feel a thing but could still move my legs. I ended up in theatre so it was topped up in case I needed a section. Luckily he came with forceps.

After a couple of hours feeling and movement gradually comes back. I had quite a rough time down there so was in considerable pain after but nothing painkillers can't control! Catheter came out after about 24 hours and was discharged when I was fully mobile and passing a good amount of urine.

We already know we want a 2nd baby and I will, without doubt have another epidural!! :)

Good luck! Hope your little one doesn't keep you waiting too long!! :) xx


Yes, you don't know what you're capable of until you're in the moment! I've had three, one with gas and air, one with a tens machine and the third with an epidural (48 had passed and the pain was far worse than the other two). So each person and circumstance is different. I just wanted to say be prepared for them to tell you a dozen times to hang on in there before they'll allow you an epidural!


If u really want the epidural then go for it but make sure u know the pros and cons.

I didn't want the epidural so I may have seen more negatives and ignored the positives but the epidural can lengthen ur labour as it numbs everything down there. Without it my body naturally did all the pushing itself so my baby was halfway down the canal before my midwife evrn got the chance to tell me its time. Although it does hurt alot, u instantly forget the pain the moment that baby is placed on u.

With the epidural u have to b catheterised and put on a drip. So u are kinda bedbound. I wanted to walk around as it distracted me from the event. I dont know whether u would be the same.

Try to cope without it for a bit and if ur really struggling then have 1. U dont know how much u can actually withstand until u try and u may end up surprising urself xx


My advice would be to try not to plan too much! I wanted a water birth but ended up being induced. I didn't want an epidural but when offered I asked for one. I think you just need to 'suck it and see'. You won't know what's it's like until you're there and you won't know what you need until you need it. It wasn't how if planned it but I wouldn't change a thing.

Oh and my other advice: listen to what the midwives tell you to do and when -they know their onions! ;)


I was so grateful for my epidural! Wish I'd had it sooner. And I could feel what was going on and I could push when told. I know people have different experiences of it but mine were very positive!

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If you need an epidural, it's there for you. I definitely needed one and it was fantastic! See how you go, you can always decide to have one if you need it.

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If that's your plan then stick to it, no one knows what pain threshold they are going to have. I have had 3 children and each labour was very different. It is very normal what you are thinking now but trust your body, even know you haven't done it before your body will take over.


Good luck tyra123 :-)

Think your baby is due tomorrow.

Hope all goes well if you haven't had it already. X


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