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Suggestions and solutions - Separation Anxiety

7 months old Isabella Blok thinks (probably) that she came out of her Daddy's stomach (I tried to show her mine but she nods her head in No and leaps to dadio)

That is all fine as she will know it who is the mommy as she grows up.

But, she cries every time my husband leaves her (Mr. Blok was so happy about it until last few days but now its getting really too much).

My husband works from home and it is but obvious he will be walking around and Isabella can hear his foot steps (I try to keep her in her room and occupied in play) but if the foot-steps goes away instead of coming to her, she starts crying again.

If she even accidentally sees my husband's shadow she will start crying and expecting to be held and played with by dadio (and nope he do nothing different in terms of holding or aeroplane flying with her)

She just wants to be held by dad and than give flying kisses to mum.... and yup since last two days if the Dad kiss mm in front of her she starts crying again (What a Jealous girl! :P )

Seriously, what can we do .... my husband has to literally tip-toe even if he wants to use the bathroom or go to the kitchen.

She cries when i leave her in the room, but that normally always ends in me telling her - I am coming Isabella, but if Dad tries to do the same (which he has been trying since a week) she dont believe him

Any suggestions

And yeah she yells at me (like literally yells) once dad holds her after few minutes of letting her cry (especially if I am trying to comfort her - she takes it as I am preventing her from going to Daddy! talk of being a daddy's girl ! huh!)

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LOL! - Oh wow, I'm afraid to say I haven't experienced this "as yet" & if I'm honest I feel my luck may just run out of the door very soon :)

My 1st born ( back in 2008) is a boy " & what a lovely Lil mummy's boy he is" even now at 5 yrs old he still looks for me 24/7 hrs a day for anything he needs.

However me & the other half have had a gorgeous Lil girl 4 months ago now & I've recently started to notice that whenever daddy is as much as in the same room as her she does this sort of cooing sound & waves her hands about just to get her daddy's attention.

Reading you're post here now has just honestly started to bring it all home for me & I'm now thinking I'm gonna wake up one day to have my baby girl wanting the daddy to care for her every need aren't I


" I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry right now" - LOL!


Sorry I couldn't help more than this but the plus side is you may just have given me a warning

THANKS A BUNCH ! "joke". :)


hahahaha it has a plus side too you know, I can always hand the crying baby to the daddy and tell him to change the diaper (like a Boss ! ;) )

But yeahh gets bit annoying if the poor guy has to go to tiolet or has an important call from work and madam goes baaaawwwww :P


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