Freezing home made food for baby

I now need to ask you guys for advice on freezing batches of food I've made for baby. My first batch had butternut squash in so when it had defrosted and came out lumpy I put it down to that ingredient. I've since done batches without butternut squash and they are all the same. Has anyone else had this problem? It would be very handy if it froze as I can use them weeks ahead. I have done fruit purée which came out absolutely fine it's just the ones with vegetables in. It's not lumpy like I haven't blitzed it right it's like it's tried to reform itself again.

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I could be entirely wrong here, but I *think* fruit (in general) has a different water content and structure to vegetables. For example, strawberries have a different cell structure to something like a carrot. When defrosted some fruit turns to mush, whereas vegetables retain their shape. I suppose when puréed, vegetables will still have a more 'dry' consistency and will be more likely to clump together. But, don't take my word for it - I've read that somewhere, but god knows how long ago it was!

Could you re-blitz or strain the vegetables through a colander when they've been defrosted? Just an idea. X


I think you maybe right actually apple-tea.

I used to make my own sort of fruity sorbet many moons ago ( don't ask why) & certain fruits I would freeze would always come out a bit lumpy & rough textured.

Its a bit trial & dilemma sometimes with these things.



I've tried to salvage my vegetable purée every time but unfortunately my daughter won't take the new texture. If I made a batch of vegetables enough for 1 week do you think they'd be ok just in the fridge?



I cook the veg and meal and freeze then puree when its defrosted xx


Now that's a great idea.


Its a bit of a pain if you not a home but could use the fruit when out and about maybe! Ive managed somehow with all of mine and never brought any ready made baby food :-D xx enjoy lots of new tastes xx


I am in first stage weening and have used butternut squash and sweet potato which froze and thawed with no problem. The only things I may have different is that I steamed the veg and I mixed a couple of tablespoons of formula with both and passed it through a fine sieve.


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