Sorry another question if I may as feeling really sore today!

I know it might be one of the sane but did anyone have a constant pain really low down, just above your bikini line. Am assuming its all to do with my throbbing hips but it feels like trapped wind and quite painful. Am only 25 weeks and at the 21 week scan they said my placenta is low, think its related? I can't sit down too long either. The little one didn't stop moving all day yesterday which was nice but if this is the result then am dreading it when he gets bigger!! Thanks in advance

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Have u tried drinking some hot water? Are u still in pain? I'd always get pain checked out give ur triage a call and see what they say x


Can you go swimming? I didn't have spd but broke my back 9 years ago and suffer with back pain pretty much 24/7! though I don't manage to swim much, when I do it really seems to help! Xx


Hey hon, I'm not an expert but it sounds like SPD to me. I have it and mine started around 22 weeks. Feels like period pain mostly but on a bad day it feels like I've been kicked down below! Get it checked by your midwife to be safe but if it is SPD then some simple physio exercise have helped me. Good Luck!


Yet again thank you all for your comments.

The midwife has a walk in service this morning so am going to pop along before work.

Junior is still moving somewhat so that is reassuring, I just don't want to spend the next how many weeks relying on paracatmol.

Many thanks.


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